Academy Award Hopefuls For The Best Picture Award

Every movie lover is anxiously awaiting the 2010 Academy Awards. Taking place on March 7th, 2010, Hollywood will be in full force during the course of the next month.

So many awards are won during the year but none are as prestigious as the Oscar, and that is the one I have chosen to talk about in this article.

So who will win the best picture award for this year? This is the most sought after award amongst nominees and will inevitably be handed to the one that everyone remembers the most from that year. Winning an award such as that will see that the director will have the chance to create another great piece of work if not better.

Ten films this year have been nominated for the best picture award so following the race will be quite fun considering that there are more worthy contenders than usual.

While it may be unlikely that a Disney movie wins, Up was an instant classic that both critics and moviegoers absolutely loved.

Up was a heart warming movie for the millions that have watched it. It sees an old man traveling with a kid around the world in a house balloon. Many would say that Up is valid contender for the best picture award this year.

Others are praising A Serious Man, a drama written by the Coen Brothers with dark comedic undertones. This movie was released later in the year and never became a box office hit, but those who saw it really enjoyed it.

There is also Quentin Tarantino who gave us Inglorious Basterds. This was the movie that got Tarantino back on top form; if it doesn’t see an Oscar this year, it may well get a best actor.

But Avatar by James Cameron is everyone’s favorite to win this year’s Oscar award as it brought something fresh to the screens of Hollywood.

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