A Xian Tour Is An Surprisingly Cheap Treat On Your Xian Travel

Xian Tours as part of a Xian Travel can help you enjoy guided access to venues not available to the public. A limited number of people can enjoy this exclusive opportunity that VIPs have been able to enjoy. You can touch precious treasures and will not have any lines to compete with. Quality accommodations and transport vehicles will be part of the package.

The private Xian tours view the great products of ancient Chinese civilization discovered to date and in the process of being excavated in Xian and Shaanxi Province. A memorable Xian travel should be expected in this great ancient capital with a rich history to uncover to lovers of world history. After all this can be expected from the city once bigger than any city in the world that was the seat of grand kingdoms and a center of world trade where famed Silk Road originated.

What can be on your tour Xian itinerary

hen you tour Xian a visit to the Shaanxi Provincial Archaeological Research Institute will show the work in process. The Institute has already discovered tens of thousands of burial sites and excavated precious cultural relics. However, it is continually discovering secrets of the past. For instance in 2002 the ancient tomb of Xu Xianxiu dating to 550-577 AD was found. The tomb was a square room covered with murals of more than 200 men and women depicted in ceremonial activities. The spectacular murals covering 330 square meters are distinctive because of their shining color and the painting techniques which create the impression of flight. Also found were articles reflecting Sino-Western cultural exchanges as the highlight of Xian travel. A gem embedded ring was Western in origin and revealed international trade of the age. In 2005, relics found in ancient burial pits last month have been hailed as among the greatest archaeological finds of 2005. These articles excavated from the site in Shaanxi Province date back to the Zhou Dynasty from about 3,000 years ago.

In March 2010, the Institute announced that its archaeological exploration of the site of the Emperor Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum, which is still a work in progress, has led to the discovery of the northern gate. This first emperor of the Qin Dynasty was the first to unite all of China and started the consolidation and extension of the original construction of the Great Wall first started by six ducal states to ward off each other and marauding Huns, is the one who had the remarkable Terracotta Army constructed to guard his mausoleum. It is estimated that in the pits containing the Terracotta Army, there were over 8,000 soldiers, a 100 chariots with 400 horses and 300 cavalry horses, the majority of which is still buried in these pits. Xian travel Service tour participants will get to see scientists working on the painful restoration process of recently excavated relics. Places where discoveries were made, such as a pit holding the Terracotta warriors can also be seen up close.

A renowned remnant of the founder of Buddhism is one of the reasons to visit the Famen Temple. This temple was also made a royal temple by the Tangs who buried royal treasure and other religious treasures underground until their discovery in 1987. Over two thousand items have been found. In the museum established in 1989 to preserve them, Xian Travellers can see some of what makes this site so extraordinary when they visit the Underground Vault containing the most valuable of the relics.

The container of the oldest wine can be seen at the Xian Municipal Institute for Archeological Research. Here, a privileged few can handle rare ancient specimens. Neolithic village excavation discoveries may be observed when you tour Xian at the Banpo Museum. Ancient mausoleums and other venues that make your Xian travel and Shaanxi province a treasure trove will be part of your private viewing pleasure.

The Forest of Stone Steles Museum started with over 1000 Stone Tablets inscribed with notable important calligraphy and writings of the time. Over time, the number of Steles grew to over 3500 and is considered a national treasure. Here are preserved some of the most important works of famous ancient Chinese authors, including Confucius. The building itself is a historical monument as it was once the site of the Temple of Confucius during the Northern Song dynasty dating from 960-1127 AD. With 900 years of history, this treasure house holds a large collection of the earliest stone steles of different periods, from the Han Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty and is an enjoyable part of your Xian Travel. The museum has seven exhibitions halls. Privileged access means copies of inscriptions from Steles can be made. Each stele is limited to the number of rubbings, but as part of the VIP Tour, the inscription copy made is one to keep.

At the Shaanxi Provincial History Museum holding more than 300,000 historical pieces of importance, the National Treasure Vault is accessible to important guests. Here are original murals showing as polo as first introduced in the Tang Dynasty era. Murals along the pathway to ancient Tang Dynasty tombs may be included. Xian Tours are an experience anyone travelling to Xian to will appreciate.

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