We have tried numerous tablets and supplements over time to support us in our slimming and now a new aid referred to as a weight loss or slimming patch has become available.

Now how do these patches measure up?

As you’re aware, most slimming supplements are taken orally in tablet form and some in the ingredients are neutralised and partly destroyed by your stomach, intestine or the liver on its journey towards bloodstream. Because of this, an increased dose is frequently crucial to ascertain the efficiency of the product which indicates a achievable increased risk of unwanted side effects. A study recently conducted by the University of Dublin showed that a mere 5% of substances make it to the significant cells after most of these ingredients are extracted by the liver, stomach and intestine.

After lengthy studies and trials, doctors from around the world are hailing these ‘transdermal’ patches as ‘the delivery system of the future’ as they’ve discovered the very high absorption rate of most supplements can be achieved when it really is delivered via the skin. Reason being that when supplements are delivered in this way, they may be absorbed into the bloodstream directly bypassing the liver, stomach and intestine. This indicates up to 95% of the supplements reach the cells where they’re most needed.

Slimming patches are usually white or skin colour adhesive bandages/plasters which you can affix to any area of your body that’s clean, absolutely free from cuts or irritations etc. You then wear the patch all day long, replacing it with a new one the following day. The beauty of employing this method of weight loss is that the only person who has to know about it truly is you. It doesn’t interfere with any day to day activity and that you are free to carry on as you commonly would.

Although you’ll find various distinct brands of weight loss patches available to buy, they do use the majority of the same or similar substances. Guarana (a stimulant) Chromium (an insulin levels regulator) and Fucus Vesiculosus (a plant extract that stimulates the thyroid gland speeding up metabolism) these ingredients are, unlike some other unscrupulous weight loss methods all completely natural substances and safe to use.

As long as you do your research and ensure that you buy these slimming patches from a well established and reputable company, ensure they have real contact information and a genuine money back guarantee you can’t fail.

This proves that slimming tablets aren’t as efficient as originally thought and with the arrival of the slimming patch, supplements and supplements could soon be a thing of the past

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