A Traveler’s Guide To The Planet’s Top Ski Slopes

[I:http://www.articledir.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/BenPate41.jpg]Millions of people all over the world enjoy the active sport of skiing, and many actually plan their entire vacation around this sport. There are a number of destinations all over the world that provide the opportunity for world class skiing; but, to get there, you will require a passport. Since all international travel requires the presentation of a passport, knowing how to get a USA passport is very important. It’s as easy as going to your computer, as there are many excellent online passport agencies.

One fabulous site for skiing is Whistler Blackcomb in the British Columbia and has been voted many times by North Americans as the #1 place for skiing in North America. Their fame is, however, not limited to people living in North America as skiers travel from all over the world to enjoy this spot. Boasting the steepest vertical drop in North America, one would think that alone would account for its fame but this resort is also world renowned for it cuisine. Skiing certainly can work up an appetite so this is a real winning combination.

Kitzbuhel is another famous skiing site and is locate in the fascinating country of Austria. Kitzbuhel can be considered one of your traditionally alpine towns with its quaint architecture and people yet can boast one of the most luxurious resorts in the world. Known as the “Pearl of the Alps”, Kitzbuhel serves as an irresistible attraction for many a world class skier and has done so since 1892.

Cortina, Italy is another popular ski destination as well as a historically and culturally rich city. The skiing in Cortina is exceptional, and it has a film history to prove it. One of the most famous ski chase scenes takes place on these mountains, and they have also played a role in films like The Pink Panther, Cliffhanger, and Krull. This location was also home to one of the world’s first ski resorts.

Skiing in l’Espace Killy, France promises to keep you busy. Over 200 miles of runs are available to you to ski, and the famous resorts found in the mountains only enhance the experience. The village of Val d’Isere is located at about six thousand feet above sea level, and the highest point is about 11,300, meaning long runs and plenty of time on the slopes is no problem. The village itself holds an air of tradition, full of quaint restaurants, ski shops, and old fashioned buildings.

You can’t speak of skiing and not include highlighting Zermatt Ski Resort in Switzerland. Thought to be one of the most sought after ski vacation destinations in the world, the lack of automobiles in the city provides an opportunity for relaxation and enjoyment after a long, hard day of skiing. Streets lines with shops and cafes complete this perfect Swiss vacation picture.

There are so many locations to consider but a damaged pasport can quickly put a damper in your plans. Even an expired or lost passport can be replaced easily by using an online passport service. It is also important to remember that every member of your family, no matter their age, will need a current passport to travel abroad.

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