Singapore with its tropical friendly climate features a one of a kind blend of the modern and the ancient setting. Named originally as Singapura by a Malayan prince during the 14th Century, Singapore is known as the Lion City, which the name means. Being one of the most flourishing countries in the world people travel from around the world for both business and pleasure.

Tall skyscrapers, modern subways, busy streets, and lively nightlife make up its innovative atmosphere. You could feel the Chinese, Indian, and Malay influences if you taste their savory dishes, pay a visit to their ethnic communities, as well as have interaction with residents. A very important factor you’ll completely love about Singapore is their particular incredible hawker centers where you could locate almost any Asian food for a very inexpensive price!

Shopping is equally astonishing in Singapore where you can discover affordable items sold in stalls to the most costly and top quality products in classy stores.

Although Chinese comprise most of the number of people, Asia is filled up with with a selection of ethnical cultures such as Malays, Indians, Burmese, Filipinos, and Indonesians comprising a minority of Singapore’s population. Even though alcohol is very expensive in this particular metropolis, it will not stop you from experiencing a wonderful time in the Lion City. Bars and night attractions provide entertainment all night long, you could check out their island destination, Sentosa, exactly where you can find live shows, the famous Merlion, and fun and exciting water activities, and experience a safari mood with their wildlife attractions. Gambling and casinos are soon to open this 2010 and surely there are more to look forward to in the near future.

Climate: Singapore climate is usually very hot with rainfalls throughout the year but heaviest during November through January.

Transportation: Singapore transportation consists of the rail, the Mass Rapid Transit, the Light Rail Transit, Cars, Taxis, Ferryboats and bicycles.

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