If you are reading into this particular piece, then chances are, you are looking to learn a little more about the critically acclaimed crime comedy, “Fargo”. While there is a good bit that you might want to understand and consider to truly appreciate this film, this article will help you learn some of the most prevalent of these things.

You have to think, the best way for you to understand and appreciate this film, is to know what happens in it. People are rarely going to like a film just because a particular person directed it, or simply because this actor or that one was in it. So a plot synopsis is surely in order here, though you must be warned, this will give you the full synopsis, so it could contain spoilers.

The film opens on a man named Jerry, he is down on his luck and financially shot. He is a crooked car dealer, with a very checkered past of angered customers. He needs money in a hurry, so he hatches up a plan for the two men sitting across the table from him to kidnap his wife. Then, her father would pay a handsome ransom to ensure her safe return.

A short time after the two men set out to do what was asked of them, Jerry learns that through another business venture that he had tried to get going, he was not going to need the money from a ransom after all and tries to call off the kidnapping with no success. The next scene features the two men, very awkwardly kidnapping Jerry’s wife, Jean.

While the original plan between the three men at the start of the film was to ask the father for 80,000, Jerry decides that he will tell his father in law that the kidnappers have ransomed out his daughter for a cool million. He agrees to pay the money, but he refuses not to hand it to the crooks himself. So Wade, Jean’s father, sets off with the money aiming to kill the kidnappers with his sidearm and get his daughter back without losing a cent.

It doesn’t go exactly as planned though, and Wade ends up very dead and Carl, one of the kidnappers ends up seriously wounded (having been shot in the jaw). But, Carl escapes with the money and he soon learns it is much more than 80,000. He buries the rest and take the money back to his partner at their isolated cabin. There, Carl learns that Jean, Jerry’s wife is now dead at the hands of Carl’s partner in crime. They argue, and Carl winds up dead too.

The police arrest the other, as well as Jerry for orchestrating the whole thing. The film is a depiction of the debauchery of money, the deadly levels that it can drive people to. Powerful performances take this film from being good to being exceptionally great. Performances from William H. Macy (Jerry) and Steve Buschemi as one of the kidnappers.

So, to learn about this film “Fargo”, you had to learn the plot a little better. Hopefully, this article was some help towards that end, though there is much more to see and appreciate on your own concerning the film. So if you haven’t seen it, you really should.

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