A Short Synopsis Of The Hit Film The Departed

Released in two thousand six, the departed is one of the conventional mafia police war movies, but this one has a twist. The story is based on the rivalry between the Irish American mafias and the police and this time there are actually two agents who are busy in double crossing their organizations. One does it for the bad guys and the other for the good ones.

Briefly the story is a summation of action packed drama and thrilling sequences that is usually a part of every police and mafia box office release. The difference is created by the induction of two double agents within the movie plot of which one works for the cops and the other is cop but works for the rivals and criminals. The story line of this movie renders a lot of sequences in which you can see some genuine human reactions to the art of deception and betrayal.

Young Billy is a fresh Police graduate and his connection with the Irish underworld in the US makes him one of the best candidates to spy on the mafia. He quickly gains trust of the mafia heads and lands in the middle of all the criminal action planning and doings and hence proves to be a vital factor is sabotaging most of them.

On the other hand Collin is the one who is the mafia guy within the police ranks and is doing the same work that Billy does; but for the criminals. He is as good as Billy and quickly becomes a looked forward to officer is the special investigation unit which helps him in tipping of the mafia of their any plans in sabotaging the crime activities. This character carries a heavy importance in making this flick a hot pick on the box office because most of the conventional mafia and police movies do not show such variance in double agent roles.

Later on in the movie, it becomes clear to both the bad guys and the good guys that they have some leaking point in their respective gangs and groups. The two double crossing agents find themselves in desperate struggle to uncover the other moles identity in order to prove themselves as innocent. Now this is the point that the film gets really interesting and gains the action and thrilling momentum in which both these double agents are on the verge of jeopardizing with their mates and fellows in their respective gangs.

The last part of the film basically revolves around the revealing struggle being carried out by Collin and Bill both. One might not categorize this movie in a pure action genre, but the drama mixed with essence of suspense and thrill definitely makes this movie a unique one. These last scenes depict the ultimate struggle from both sides to save their selves from the wrath of the mafia and police by going towards a head to head fight and interaction.

The final scenes of the movie show Billy trailing Collin in order to arrest and reveal his true identity to the police department. The intimacies of all these times make Billy ask Collin to take the immunity offered by the police department in case he was apprehended. The final round comes when Billy and Collin end up in a scuffle with Collin killing Billy.

The departed is a classic action and drama flick that focuses yet again on making truth, honesty, and good deeds as the final winner. There are a lot of moments within this movie that can make you grasp your breath due to the suspense and drama. All in all, it is one of the best flicks ever when we talk about two thousand six releases.

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