A Short List Of Top Indie Music Artists

Learning about some of the best indie music artists might be a matter of opinion. You can consult some of the lists that are out there, as they can be pretty good at telling people which bands really are worth checking into and which bands might be only appealing to a select group of people.

Through the course of this article, you will get introduced to a few of the bands that have really taken the indie music scene by storm in the last few years and are still making a considerable impact. So you can look to some of these bands to personify what indie music is all about and where it is likely going into the future.

Among the past few years, several bands have really made quite a name for themselves in the genre. One of the most prominent would be Straylight Run. This is a band that has masterfully blended incredible lyrics over some unique music. The lead of this band broke away from another prominent band, Taking Back Sunday, just as they began to take off.

One of the best solo indie artists out there would be Connor Oberst of Bright Eyes. He has released many different albums under Bright Eyes that have really brought the term emo into a new and interesting light. However, this was not the traditional sappy structure, as it was laced with incredible solo guitar work and brilliant lyrical presentations.

You might also want to check out Brand New, a progressive band in the indie rock world. This band has devised a pattern of making some really impressive songs that are great sing along structures out of topics that are less than desirable. This ability has landed them with a lot of fans. They started out heavy in pop punk roots, but have grown to create their own sound unique to their group.

No list would have been complete about the most prominent groups in indie rock, without the inclusion of Death Cab For Cutie. You should look to their being several different albums created by the artist behind the band, Ben Gibbard. He is also the front man for another impressive indie band, The Postal Service. DCFC hits include ‘Soul Meets Body’ and ‘I’ll Follow You Into The Dark’.

You should understand that while some of the best indie bands are listed above, this is not a complete list by any means nor does it differ from the general public’s opinion. So you should try out a few different bands and see which ones you personally like the best.

indie music artists

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