A Short List Of Tips For Finding Places That Sell Cheap Modern Bathroom Vanities

The next time you want to redecorate your bathing area with new – and affordable – modern bathroom vanities, be sure to remember these few suggestions on where you can go to find them:

Estate sales – Estate sales are great places to find bathroom accessories for significantly less money than you’d shell out at retail stores. Sales as these, auction off many modern items and appliances, in addition to the “expected” stock of pricey family heirlooms they’re infamous for.

In addition, the persons responsible for an auction, will often group a bunch of “like” items together in “lots”. What this means is the lucky bidder who wins gets multiple items for his time and trouble. As great as this sounds – and especially if you are on a tight budget, you will need to keep in mind that you will be competing with many other people who aren’t so cash-strapped, AND who are old hands at winning at auctions, as well. Participating in this manner could set you up for continual disappointment in losing out to those with more funds to play with than you have available.

Garage sales – Although the pickings are slimmer – and you sometimes have to search many different locations in hopes of running into what you want, garage sales, in general, are still treasure troves of unbelievable finds for the persistent deal-hunter.

Moreover, ask any seasoned “garage sailor” and he will tell you that the weirdest, and often most sought-after items have been discovered hiding between great Aunt Ida’s crocheted pillowcases and a case of expired baby food – and many times the seller has only wanted five dollars for it!

Again remember you might just end up spending hundreds of weekend hours at different garage sales, only to realize that what you want probably isn’t going to be found in any of the garages you visit, no matter how optimistic a person you are – and you may decided just to give up on them for now. On the other hand, if you’re a person who loves to go “hunt” through other people’s things – and considers many of the things others cast off as “junk” to be treasures – you’ll most likely have fun just looking around without buying, so have at it!

The classifieds – Real newspaper or virtual online publication, if it’s being sold by someone, chances are you will run into it eventually in the “for sale” classified ads. Many times the sellers are giving away valuable items, such as vanity mirrors and elegant sinks, and are only asking pennies on the dollar for whatever reason. And, a lot of times those things are brand new, as well. Of course, you never know what you’ll actually find once see the item, but since it never hurts to try, just type in what you’re searching for and follow the links coughed up.

Store sales – You can also hunt down what you want the old-fashioned way, which is by attending the infamous annual store sale at your favorite local retailer. But better yet, just cruise the internet anytime, and search online to see if there are any going on at one of the many web stores. There are usually a few of them having a sale somewhere in cyber space – and many of them offer cool discount coupons all year long.

So when you’re in the market to update your boudoir furnishings, remember to check out some of these suggestions for getting your modern bathroom vanities more affordably – before you end up spending too much on something you could have gotten for a lot less.

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