A Short Introduction To Indian Food

Indian recipe is a flavorful mix of fine food, tasty dishes, and healthy beverages that Indians believe help attain a sound, well-balanced spiritual, physical and emotional state. Although mostly vegetarian, Indian cuisine also has some non-vegetarian offerings which are succulent and as healthy as the vegan offerings. Indian non-vegetarian recipes extensively use chicken, fish, as well as a sprinkling of poultry and meat dishes.

Chicken is perhaps the most popular meat of choice in Indian cuisine as it is used with many things for a variety of recipes. One of very popular rice dishes in India is the Biryani that also comes in vegetarian and non vegetarian versions. It’s somewhat just like fried rice with an additional dose of spices and herbs. The dish is served with meat, chicken or vegetables.

There’s a whole array of chicken meals in Indian recipes. Chicken drumsticks, chicken curry, butter chicken, chicken Afghani and chicken Danuba are only some of the selections.

Fish is famous too and much more so in East and South Indian recipes. Common dishes include the yogurt, patrani and fried fish dishes.

Egg is popular too and the standard egg dishes are served with a typical Indian touch by adding herbs and spices with a generous sprinkling of chilli, ginger and sliced tomato

Like other world renowned regional recipes, Indian recipes have a sizable section of sweet dishes that features a variety of cakes, pastries and other Indian sweet dishes. Cakes and pastries are available in carrot, peach, apple flavors. Oriental sweet dishes like the double-kameetha and qurbani-ka-meetha are immensely well-liked and are unique from almost any other sweet dish, one is made with bread and the other with dates.

Snacks selection is another tempting array in Indian recipes. Usually deep fried varieties, you would get an entire selection of tasty and satisfying fillings. From whole wheat buns stuffed with crispy fried onion rings to deep-fried mashed potatoes stuffed with green peas, you are sure to find something that tickles your palate.

There are ample other Indian recipes one could try and experiment with. Especially if you want to test more than the basic boiled or fried rice, the Indian collection of rice recipes can provide you with excellent cooking ideas. Additionally , there are collections of regional recipes or place-specific dishes. The Punjabi Food collection, for instance, can be an interesting mix to explore. Indian recipes have a strong ethnic and oriental flavor and one can experiment with them to experience a complete range of tastes. But mind you they are not subtle in nature and packs quite a punch – try the numerous rice recipes of India and do not miss out on the varied biryanis on offer. Punjabi recipes would be a great place to start with.

Tie that apron on, put on the cap and start twiddling with Indian recipes. It’s versatile, it’s nourishing, it’s piquant and interesting. All you actually need to do is to have an adventurous character and an open palate to take advantage of the exotic aromas and tang of this unique Eastern cuisine.

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