A Short History Of The Redfield Scope Company

Beginning around 100 years ago, the Redfield Company has had a very reputable and successful history of making Redfield scopes of the highest quality. The late John Redfield founded this company.

He was considered a genius in that time, like other innovators of the same field, Ruger, and Samuel Colt. John Redfield died about sixty years ago but the production of his products continued, and continue to be used by hunters and sportsmen today.

He was born in Oregon and was amongst eight other children in his family. He had a special love for hunting and outdoor activities that brought along excitement and adventure. He had the opportunity to visit many of the great states of America in his youth and eventually became a lawman earning the bullet wounds to prove so. He eventually took a job as being a hunter for the crews of Northern Pacific Railroad hunting meat for them.

Years later he made his way back to Oregon and began a business as a gunsmith. He was definitely a man who loved to travel, and when hearing about the mining going on in Colorado, he moved the entire family to Denver, where he became well known for a rock drill that he had invented. In due time, and with continued tinkering he began a gun sight company behind his house in a little shop. His son worked for him full time and during World War 1, the two designed the “JR & SR rotary dovetail mounts” These were used for the telescopic sights for Army special units.

In 1944 He died and his son took over the business. Some vast changes and advancements took place, such as internal adjustments, one piece tubing and a few others. Some you may know, such as the Widefield riflescope.

However, as time continued and competition increased dramatically the 1990’s saw the Redfield Company shut down. Nevertheless, this shut down was not permanent since the Leupold and Stevens Company bought the name of the company and the plans to make scopes in the year 2008.

Oddly enough the two companies seem destined to join. Both companies and founders being from Oregon and it was just two short years before Redfield launched his own business that Leupold launched theirs, in Portland Oregon.

The newest product offered by Leupold scopes are the Revolution scopes. They are a hunters dream since these scopes are highly durable against any harsh treatment, not expensive, and lightweight. The Redfield Revolution scopes are a phenomenal gun sight.

They are built in the United States of America, which means that the Revolution scopes are a great sight for American hunters. The cost of such a product will range from $129 to $209 with some scopes have state of the art optics and features with them.

These new scopes have the Illuminator Lens system, and the Rapid Target Acquisition eyepiece. This piece of equipment on Revolution scopes will help anyone see the game more clearly and be able to bring it do. It Is Good To Have Redfield Scopes Back On The Market!

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