What is sexier than a hot photo shoot of you and your lover? It’s erotic, sensual, and romantic, not to mention a great way to grow closer and more intimate with one another. A sexy and erotic photo doesn’t need to be smutty or distasteful. On the contrary, undertaking such a project for you and your partner to do together can be very artistic. Be adventurous and open to new experiences and you will find that your relationship is boundless. In this article, I am going to discuss a few ideas which will give you great suggestions for a photo shoot that is guaranteed to give you and your partner an experience of a lifetime as well as something private and intimate the two of you can share together forever.

When going into a sexy, erotic photo shoot, there are a few things to keep in mind. There are scenarios you can choose to have yourselves photographed in. Here are just two for an example, but please remember there are many more scenarios, let your imagination go wild. First you both need to talk about what type of look you want in your portrait, what kind of vision do you wish to capture. After you have choose your photographer, sit down with him together with your partner and get comfortable discussing what you want, get to know them a little before the shoot. After all you may choose to have some nudity in your shots, if you are feeling a little bit sporty and daring.

Next you need to go over the layout you wish to use. What is the concept you want to bring forth in the photo. Discuss with the photographer everything you think they need to know so you are all together on the outcome of the shoot. Keep in mind you are paying them to do the job, so they need to keep with the role of your play theme, and comfort zone. Making sure they are professional, but listen to what you want and lend their opinions as well. Now that we have that said, let us get some ideas in mind that are surely going to help heat up the photo shoot. Providing you with great erotic, sexy photos for you to enjoy.

You will need to ask a few questions before you start. First: What exactly are we having this done for? This helps to take you in the right direction. Secondly: Is a real sexy photo what you want to achieve? If the answer is yes, how sexy do you want it? Three: Are both of you comfortable showing nudity? and Four: Would you like private romantic pictures or photos you can share with friends and family that show more of a romantic and conservative side to them? Remember to make sure you consider all these before heading to the photo shoot. Having a good idea of what you want before going to the studio helps to keep things running smooth and stress free.

If you are focused on getting some super sexy photos done, and nudity is something that you and your partner are comfortable with, than think about and strongly consider getting the photos dome in black and white. You can choose, and most likely the photographer can help and give advice in this area. But black and white photography really portrays mood and sexiness well.

Many photographers today work with the digital camera so it is not a problem for them to switch back and forth from black and white and color mode to change the atmosphere of the photos. They can use subtle changes in the lighting as well to capture the best of you together with different angles. Hiring the right photographer to do your semi- or nude photos can really be a sexy concept that will be painless, quick and simple to do. Giving you something to cherish over the years together.

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