People and pillows have a long history together. The Pharaohs of ancient Egypt not only used them during their life but were buried with them as well. Today, pillows are one of the most popular bedding accessories raking in 11% of all sales worldwide.

Pillows are constructed using soft materials such as synthetic fibers, cotton, foam, and down or feathers. It’s a far cry from ancient China who also used wood, metal, steel, and even stone to create pillows.

A cotton cloth, usually rectangular in shape, is filled with the soft material then sewn up. Completing the pillow is a pillow case which can be slipped off for washing.

Pillows, aside from helping you get a good full-nights rest, are made to give support to the head and the neck. A well designed pillow follows the natural curve of your head and neck when lying on your back. It should not be too high or too low such that you end up with a stiff neck when you wake up.

There are many kinds of pillows that support other areas of the body aside from the head and neck. Body pillows are designed to support the whole body and seat cushions to protect the back from slouching.

There are pillows that are ideal for traveling too. These travel pillows are shaped in a “U” form so that you can slip it from the back around your neck and go to sleep while you sit on a train seat for example.

Donut pillows help the tailbone, the lumbar pillow supports the lower back, and nursing pillows prop up babies when they breast-feed.

Keeping a pillow clean is important. Many allergies occur from dust-mite filled pillows. When a pillow is too deformed, it’s time to get a new one.

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