A Number Of Ways To Keep Your Costs Down When Preparing For A Cruise

If you are taking time and energy to search for the best cruise deals in order to save some money, it is equally important to be cost effective while you are making your pre trip arrangements. Here are some ideas to help you save money while you get ready for your cruise.

Rule number one is to take what you have with you.

Don’t go on a last minute shopping adventure for new clothes. The ones you have in your closet from last year will be just fine for your cruise. You are going on vacation to relax, not to model in an on deck fashion show, so don’t feel bad about bringing a couple Hawaiian shirts and last year’s bathing suit.

The same idea also is relevant to your luggage. Nobody is really going to be paying attention to what kind of suitcase you have with you. And, you are only going to be using it until you get in your cabin on board, so there really isn’t a need to get the matching patented leather set of luggage.

Hide the credit cards and use cash.

Take some time and plan ahead and think about how much money you want to spend on mementos and souvenirs. Keep that money set aside, and stick to your budget on the cruise. Try and not use your credit card unless it is necessary, and you will avoid the shock of charging too much on your trip. Don’t use your plastic unless it is an emergency.

Make sure to have plenty of film before you get on board.

Every cruise needs pictures, lots of pictures. They know this, and charge a lot of money for film on the ship. Get plenty of film from the store before you go and you will save a ton of money on those memories you will be sharing with your friends and family.

Using these tips will help you to save money above and beyond what you saved when booking the cruise. Plan ahead and be frugal in your preparations, and you will have more to spend when you get under way. Have a great trip!

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