How many times has it been said, it must be nice to be a professional athlete, being paid six figures and playing the sport of your dreams? Yes, this may be ideal but one must consider the hard work put into each day to reach this point.

As an amateur marathon runner and Personal Trainer, I know it takes hard work to prepare for a competition. Reaching competition shape requires specific meal plans, hours of training, early morning workouts, enduring aches and pains rain or shine. Athletes also experience high expectations from coaches, teammates, family, and friends, and have a focus of coming out on top of the competition. This drives athletes to push their body’s limits to reach specific goals which leads to training through the pain.

Much of the pain athletes’ experience, if not an injury, comes from putting a muscle through a motion or effort it does not perform on a daily basis. When the muscle undergoes this motion or effort the result is microscopic tears of the muscle fiber. These micro-tears are the result of hypertrophy, increased muscle size. The strength of the muscle comes from the recovery of these micro-tears during rest periods.

This does not mean stopping all physical activity completely. Athletes have specific periodized workouts that allow them to continue training during these recovery times. Often if there is too little recovery time and the pain continues it may lead to chronic pain causing inflammation. This may require an extended rest period, which is not usually an option for athletes training for a competition.

As the chances are slim to get athletes to rest the appropriate time, there might be a greater chance trying to prevent the pain. There is a way to help reduce the inflammation and decrease recovery time, in turn decreasing pain. Supplementing their already strict meal plan with an all natural mineral supplement is important. US Patented, SierraSil Joint Formula14(TM) is clinically proven to reduce the breakdown of cartilage in the joints by reducing inflammation, which in turn reduces pain. Inflammation caused by normal wear and tear or injury decreases flexibility and mobility of a joint which leads to decreased sport performance. SierraSil JF14 is sport certified by Informed Choice making it ideal for athletes preparing for major competitions.

For any active individual, whether a weekend warrior or an professional athlete, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Choosing the right foods, staying active with strength, cardiovascular and flexibility activities, and supplementing with all natural supplements will keep you in the game.

SierraSil(R) is a patented, all natural mineral complex that has been clinically proven to reduce inflammation as well as the breakdown of human cartilage by up to 78%. Uk marriage visa is a favorite amongst people suffering from joint pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic joint inflammation, injuries, digestive disorders as well as athletes wishing to naturally enhance sport performance.*

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