A Look Into The Metal Cutting Saw

A Panasonic EY3530 Metal Cutting Saw has been seen as very cute, but doesn’t portray its usefulness on a real life job. This is very wrong. There are cordless metal cutting saws used in most trades that you can see at any job.

So, what is a metal cutting saw?

If you have a cordless circular saw that uses a carbide tipped metal blade at different RPM’s then you are using a cordless metal cutting saw. To help control metal shavings, these saws usually have an extra guard. These saws cut very clean and cool on most mild steels. There is a story going around of a sales rep that cut off a rod and re-threaded a nut before the customer could throw him out of the office. This abrupt marketing tactic sold many tools.

So what materials can cordless metal cutting saws work on?

For the most part, any mild steel such as threaded rod, unit-strut, metal siding, EMT pipe, and duct work. The saws also come with blades that can cut aluminum. I’ve heard these saws can be used to cut copper, but I don’t know if that’s advisable. Most people use them to cut threaded rod, strut, and EMT. If your work involves cutting mostly thin metal, you can buy blades that have extra teeth, which give a finer cut.

Who makes these saws?

Easily the most popular is the Panasonic EY3530 Metal Cutting Saw, but there are other brands you may prefer, like DeWalt, Milwaukee, Makita, and more. For those of you who already own a cordless circular saw, you may want to consider buying carbide tipped blades. A big supplier of these blades is Tenyru. That said, I still have to believe that it’s best to use the tools that were designed for specific jobs, especially when it comes to metal cutters. But a lot of my Bosch customers tell me they really like the results of a carbide tipped metal blade on their saw. So you may want to try them out.

You can usually return cordless power tools within 30 days, no questions asked. I tell all my customers about this policy, but none of them have ever returned a tool. You should try out the Panasonic EY33530 Metal Cutting Saw.

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