There’s a reason a seafood restaurant is held in high regard. Unlike your normal conventional restaurant that offers what the land has to offer, seafood concentrates on the gifts of the deep. Lobsters are some of these, with their characteristic taste and color giving them much popularity, especially among seafood lovers. Though you might not picture yourself taking seafood every other day of the week, you might want to take it on that occasional Friday, on your way from work. You don’t need to buy take out every time. You can buy live lobster and prepare it yourself.

Cooking lobster is very simple. You can grill, steam or boil it, with the last option being the most common. You need water and a large pot for this. Salty water is the preferred, because it prefers the taste better than your ordinary fresh water. Its better when you use a live lobster because the meat is best that way. Simmer for at least seven minutes, but more if you get a large lobster.

Once the lobster is ready, you can make different recipes with it. Those that have survived the test of time are the lobster Thermidor and Newberg varieties. Lobster Thermidor involves preparing the lobster with cheese, cognacs, sherry and even some mustard, while Newberg entails using some cream, pepper and cognacs. These ingredients are not complete, as others can be added, based on personal preferences.

When you want a recipe a little out of the ordinary, many are available. There are lobster salad recipes for the weight watchers, lobster raviolis, lobster rolls and many others. Since the lobster basically needs a couple of minutes of boiling to be ready, you can decide what you want to do with it from there. If your culinary roots are deeply founded, you can even try and come up with a recipe of your own.

Most of the lobster meat is found in the claws and the tail, which explains why most of the time, the lobster is served whole. Sometimes, it’s cut into small bite-sized chunks, but that is dependent on the recipe. It takes a little expertise to figure out how to eat a lobster, but with repeated tries, you should know how to do it with almost no effort at all.

Being white, lobster meat is upraised by nutritionists. In other words, it is good for your body, since it lacks saturated fats. Treat yourself to lobster one of these days and enjoy!

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