A Guide To Various Plumbing Tools For Unclogging Drains

The clogging of drains can be caused because of many different reasons. For solving the problem of clogged drain, you need to use some plumbing tools. In below mentioned paragraphs, we will discuss about 5 tools that are used for unclogging the drains.

Plunger is the first tool that is used to un-clog your drain. It is very handy tool, especially when trying to clear blockage with toilets and sinks. Plungers can dislodge clogs without the need of taking apart various parts of the sink or any fixture.

Next tool that is used to unclog the drain is snake. It is also called as an auger. Snake is like a spiral cable that is pushed down the pipes to move down the clog from the drain. The crank handle in snake enables us to move the snake down the pipe.

Just like snake there is a toilet snake also that is specifically used to fix toilet clogs. These snakes are more rigid than the other snakes and the cable in these snakes are shorter. There is a rubber sleeve in these snakes that prevents the snake to hurt the porcelain of your bowl.

Now we will talk about sewer tape. As its name depicts, it is not a tape but it is a flat, metal band that has hooks on one end of it. Using this tool, you can easily unclog your drain.

Liquid drain cleaners are also available in market. These cleaners contain some chemicals that are quite efficient in cleaning the drain. These chemicals are efficient in cleaning drains in short period of time.

Drain cleaners dissolve everything in the pipeline on its way down. They work well if the clog is due to grease or hair. Drain cleaners almost always contain a combination of chemicals to dissolve a variety of things that are stuck in your pipe.

Be cautious while you use chemicals to de-clog your pipes. If you have tried a drain cleaner and the problem doesn’t get fixed, don’t try to use another one as different chemicals should not be mixed. In this case, you should call a professional plumber.

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