If you have decided to rent an apartment, there are a lot of decisions to be made. The top three include choosing the right neighborhood, whether to get a roommate or live alone and whether to choose an apartment with a month-to-month rental agreement or a fixed lease.

You need to find an area that is going to suit your lifestyle. Are you the type that needs to be surrounded by action? Maybe you like peace and quiet?

You have to think about what you are going to need on a daily basis too. If you need to use the subway or buses to get where you need to go, then you need to get a place that is close to any of the stops you might need.

Is it important that you be near shops and restaurants? Determine beforehand what things you are willing to compromise on and which are deal-breakers.

Living alone has its obvious advantages. You have all the privacy you want and do not have to worry about irritating habits a roommate might have.

However, living with others has some real bonuses also. The key plus is that by having others share the place you are saving yourself money, not just on the rent but also on power, phone, internet, and water. Also, you have less chance of feeling isolated and alone with others about.

In terms of renting, the most common payment agreement is fixed leases. The time you are allotted within the apartment is fixed, as is the monthly payment. When the lease has expired, you will be able to renew it if you want to continue living there.

You might not be able to commit to such a long period of time, which means you need to find a place with a month-to-month lease. This is exactly how it sounds, and it means that you are able to leave with less fuss as the lease only lasts for one month at a time. You have to remember that this cuts both ways though and you may be kicked out without much notice.

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