A Gold Ring Guard Is The Perfect Method To Make Your Engagement Ring Dazzle

Getting a gold ring guard is usually a really considerable choice. So that you can aid make your selection simpler, making positive you understand the different parts to a ring protector is essential. It is easy to obtain pushed into a determination or make the wrong decision in case you don’t know what that you are looking at.

Initially, select what color you are interested in. Most persons would opt for the same color ring guard and engagement ring. Just because it is the most common choice, do not follow blindly. Perhaps choosing something a lot more distinctive like a yellow one particular with your white gold engagement ring, or vice versa is really a excellent method to let your individuality shine via with your jewelry choices. Right after all, in case you like to be exclusive, then certainly exploring other choices is really a wonderful method to go. The only word of advice here is to stay within exactly the same metal family to ensure that the rings wear a similar. In other words, when you have a gold engagement ring, putting it next to a sterling silver one can cause the silver to wear additional quickly.

Once you decide color, the next thing to look at is “heaviness” of the metal. For instance, if you have a very wide shank engagement ring, you might not choose a very thin and delicate ring. Or if you have a very thin engagement ring, choosing a very heavy one might not be the best choice. As always, keep in mind that there is not a right or wrong choice when matching your ring protector to your engagement ring. It always boils down to taste; you just need to know what you like before you make the decision. We all know it’s better to consider these options before purchasing your gold ring guard, than after!

Next when choosing your gold ring guard you must look at the setting type. Again, take a look at your engagement ring and see how the stones are set. If you want to have some sort of symmetry, then consider matching setting types in your ring protector to the setting types in your engagement ring. For example if you have a prong sent solitaire engagement ring, you might consider a prong set ring guard to compliment it. On the other hand if you don’t like symmetry, then by all means, go crazy and choose a channel set one to compliment your engagement ring… or a bar set one, or a bezel set one, or a….. Well, you can see where this is going! Be creative.

Now make sure you take a look at your stone shapes. It’s the same point that was made above. If you like symmetry in your jewelry, then trying to stick to the same stone cuts in your ring guard is a safe bet. If you like to be daring, try mixing some different stone cuts into your ring guard. You can choose a bar set baguette diamond ring guard to go with your round solitaire engagement ring. Or you can choose a trillion cut, prong set ring guard to go with your very simple princess cut solitaire ring. In the world of ring protectors, there is no right or wrong, so have lots of fun mixing and matching.

The last thought when purchasing a ring guard is selecting the right Color. You can add colored stones and completely changing the look of your engagement ring. The beauty of this idea is that once you take it off of your engagement ring, you go back to your original look. You can keep on purchasing different ones with different colors in them to keep changing your look.

So, lots of things to check out when considering obtaining your gold ring guard. The significant issue to remember is to know who you are and what you want just before you buy. When you think about all on the points made above, then you’ll have much clearer idea of which gold engagement ring is right for you. Happy hunting!

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