A Few Universal Questions Concerning The Technology Of Massage Chairs

Many people from here are familiar with massage chairs. Perhaps you have been strolling through the mall have come across a store that offers these mechanical masseuses. Just from looking at a massage chair, it is not obvious all the technology which is incorporated into it. There are a variety of different pneumatic and mechanical systems controlled by a computer that provide you with an amazing array of massage techniques. Here is some of the technology behind a robotic massage chair.

Because there are quite a number of features, these recliners come with a remote control. The remote allows you to select which features to activate. You will typically find an LCD screen which displays the current operations of the recliner.

To make things easier for the user, the manufacturer usually has automatic programs. These are massages which are programmed into the recliner and provide full body therapy for a given duration. There are so manual techniques allowing you to choose a particular massage movement and select where to apply it.

There are a number of different designs for the roller mechanism which targets your back, neck and shoulders. These roller designs consist of two, four and six rollers. Each roller acts as a massaging surface to stretch and elongate muscle tissue.

The roller designs are done in such a way as to mimic different types of massage movements. Most back rollers can perform kneading, tapping, rolling and a combination of kneading and tapping. This gives you a variety of manual massage techniques.

There are a number of advanced roller designs. Most rollers are able to move up and down the back. Now, some more advanced designs are coming which can provide movement in a third dimension. This allows the roller to provide deeper penetration into the muscles of the back and shoulders.

Measuring the person’s body in the chair is an important way to customize the massage. Many recliners use a body scan to locate key points of the body. Some of these body scans locate the neck and shoulders while creating a virtual map of your back.

Another interesting technology being tried out in some chairs is a body position sensor. This particular system senses where you are in the chair. If you move, then it determines your new position. The program is adjusted based on your new coordinates.

Air compression systems are very popular in most massage chairs. This system uses a pump and a manifold of solenoid valves to switch the air to different airbags throughout the chair. Airbags are contoured to the shape of the muscles and body parts that they will massage.

There is traction or stretching systems that are now available in massage chairs. These systems can stretch the lower body, the spine or the upper body. Different techniques are used to hold the body in place while parts of the chair move to stretch out the muscles.

You can now find many massage chairs equipped with a music system. An MP3 music player is typically integrated into the recliner. Headphones are provided to provide audio immersion. This enables the person to better relax while getting their massage which makes it much more effective.

These are just a few of the technologies being integrated into today’s advanced recliners. Robotic massage chairs continue to evolve rapidly with the pace of technology. Many massage programs provide very soothing and relieving massage thanks to these advanced systems. These robotic massage chairs are a great way to get massage treatments on demand.

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