A Drink Problem Among UK Teens

Increased drinking habits are a problem among teens in the UK. But it does needs to be analysed with regards to the reasons before anything can really be done about it. Once these causes are identified, then action can be taken. If it is ignored in the early stages, then problems will certainly arise. And it would not only affect the teen but their family and friends. As a parent, you need to understand what is causing the problem with which your teen is faced with.

Peer pressure is often found to be present among the root cause of teen drink problems in the UK. If teens observe their friends drinking, many will inevitably follow suit. Many socially reserved teens will drink to ease their social anxiety. How much they drink is also partially based on those around them. Those who once drink start to binge sometimes do so on the basis of so does their friends’ habits. The same goes for occasional drinkers.

Rebellion is certainly a factor with drinking problems among teens. It is their way if showing and communicating that they can do what they like and that their parents no longer have influence or control over them. Drinking is one of the more obvious ways they see as making that statement.

It is also important to think about teens in college for the first time. Many wish to alleviate the stress borne form their schooldays and college gives them more opportunity to do this through alcohol. It is a big change of many and alcohol is often used to bear the pains of that transition. It becomes an escape or a way of coping with the changes.

There are numerous causes for teenage drinking and not one is the cause for everyone. Some do it simply out of curiosity and find it to their liking. They start because they failed to enjoy their childhood or are struggle with mental illness.

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