Teeth whitening is very popular now a days, there are so many types of whitening, there are two major types of whitening, there is over the counter products that can be used at home. And then there are products that can only be used in a dentist office. Some over the counter products include, Toothpastes, mouth washes, gels, and strips, but also a whitening tray, which for the first few times can only be used in a dentist’s offices but then later in the process can be at home, and this product is the most popular.

What is a whitening tray?

teeth whitening tray is a mouth-guard like tray that is filled with peroxide based bleaching solution. You are supposed to wear the tray everyday for a few hours for about a month or even longer. There are three major types of whitening trays that are now available, one of these trays is disposable, and this is because the tray is made up of flimsy material. This tray is designed to just be used once.

The next type, has many advantages to it, one of the advantages is that the bleaching gel, that you would usually have to apply by hand is actually pre inserted, so you do not have to anything by hand. The teeth whitening bleach gel can be a fuss and a mess, so that is illuminated. It also meant that this type is actually custom-filled, which means that it will have consistent and has the exact amount of the bleaching gel. The draw back however is that since it is not custom fitted there are many times the tray would move around your mouth.

The second choice would be the non-disposable teeth whitening tray made of a rubber material that can easily conform to the shape of your mouth more efficiently than the first option. This comes with a tube of teeth whitening gel, which you would have to insert on the top and bottom of the tray before you wear it. Since these trays are bigger and wider, it is easier for the user to fit it into his/her mouth. The fact that you need to insert the gel yourself means extra work and the fact that it is not disposable means you have to clean it afterwards. You can dispose of the tray and replace it with a new after several uses or when you notice that the tray has become stretched or worn out.

The last type of tray is the custom fitted teeth whitening, where do you get this kind of tray? You can purchase directly from a dentist. This is the most expensive type of tray bit it is also said to be the most effective you the price would be worth it. The tray is custom fitted to your mouth to ensure the most effect is working in the whitening process.

Any of the three type of whitening trays is available in the online market. Buying online is a good idea because you can save time, money and energy. Moreover, you can also get your hands on many great discount deals on whitening products. However, for the third type, you may need to pay your dentist a visit so he/she can custom-fit a tray into your mouth.

Whatever type of whitening tray that you decide to use, make sure that you pick a reliable and topnotch brand so you can be sure of quality, safety and effectiveness. Aside from that, be consistent with your use of the product and follow instructions thoroughly. Even if you have purchased a high quality product, if you fail to follow the directions, your teeth would not improve in color.

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