A Coffee Bean Grinder Guarantees Freshness

True coffee lovers know that fresh ground coffee tastes best. And that’s why so many coffee aficionados are now using their own coffee bean grinder to get that fresh taste every day in their homes.

But freshness is only one advantage of grinding your own beans. You will also have total control over how fine you make the grind. That is of paramount importance to coffee lovers everywhere.

If you haven’t tried grinding your own beans yet, maybe you think it’s hard to do. It isn’t. Or maybe you think it’s a messy process. Again, this simply isn’t correct.

Sure it’s easier to just break out the can opener and start brewing, but the difference in taste is remarkable. And once you grind your own beans for the first time, you may never purchase canned coffee again.

The reason there’s such a difference is because ground beans begin to deteriorate almost immediately. That means they quickly lose some of their taste and smell. Grinding your own beans will naturally result in a better tasting and better smelling cup. Just grind up your beans right before you brew, and the result will be a flavorful and aroma full cup every time.

So what kind of grinder should you get? There are two popular types on the market. You can get either a blade grinder or a burr grinder.

The biggest advantage of the blade grinder is that it costs less. It’s much like a small blender with the blades grinding up the beans. There’s no doubt that this is preferable to coffee that comes in cans, but it’s not the best way to grind beans. Here’s why. When you grind beans you want to have a large surface area. This means more of the oils and flavor can be pulled from the beans when the hot water passes over them. Blade grinders will give you an uneven grind, and your cup of coffee will not be as good as it can be.

Burr grinders on the other hand are produce a much better grind. Go to your local coffee shop and this is the type of grinder you’ll typically find in use. The burrs are precisely and evenly spaced grinding discs made of metal. They will give your beans an even grind, and therefore produce a better cup of coffee. Generally these are adjustable, meaning you can set them for whatever type of coffee you like best. If you like Turkish drip coffee, no problem. If you prefer automatic drip coffee, a burr grinder will produce the grind you need.

One thing about coffee is that everybody likes theirs a little different. What I may like best is probably different than what you prefer. But we can all agree that when it is fresh ground, it will taste better. That’s why if you choose a burr or blade coffee bean grinder, you’ll still get a cup that is better than anything you buy from a can. I can only suggest you try it. You may never buy a can from the grocery store again.

And just think how much easier it will be to get up when the alarm goes off, knowing you will have a great tasting, fresh cup of coffee available in just minutes.

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