The Movie A Clockwork Orange Reviewed

Premiering in the United States in 1971 with an X-rating, A Clockwork Orange, is a film which portrays a great deal of dark satire for the first time in such a colorful and unusual film. However, while a colorfully creative film, it is also brutally violent. Therefore, before going to see this movie, one may want to consider their ability to tolerate such a film with themes of murder, rape, and other violent crimes.

While offering some of the most colorful entertainment ever seen in films at the time of the original release, one can often escape the other more violent aspects by focusing on the awkwardness and beauty of the many art deco items within the setting. In addition, although this movie had been set in the future with regards to such brutally violent gangs at the time, many more gangs are prevalent today than during the period the movie was released. Therefore, while this may have been a really hard movie to watch in the nineteen seventies, it can be an even harder movie for some to watch today.

Actually, many individuals have even thrown out the idea that the movie is to blame for gangs and gang warfare. However, all one has to do is study gang oriented gunslingers such as John Dillinger and Al Capone to know this is not the case. Still, there are violent scenes with regards to both rape and theft. Therefore, one may want to be sure one can handle such imagery on the big screen or on a home DVD player before seeing this film.

Still, this movie has a lot more to teach one about the role of Karma and gangs when one can stay with the movie and follow the plot. For, when one begins to see a dramatic reversal in the lead character, one can almost envision how the next days of his life are going to play out. As, one can quickly see, the character is going to be reconnecting with a few people from his present life, people he may not want to reconnect with based on crimes committed before experimental treatment had been completed.

Regardless, this movie is one which many people try to analyze over and again in relation to the characters and whether Alex, the lead, is either good or evil, whether he is a victim or a villain. For, while the crimes which his gang committed were brutal, others have also indicated that the individuals administering the program beyond his will along with their tactics is clearly torture. Which do you believe? For, only oneself can answer such a questioned based on their own ideologies behind good and evil or right and wrong.

Throughout the film, the character develops into an almost believably honest human being, which one even though having seen the crimes which he committed, almost feels sad that he is going through so much torture. Whereas others, believe he deserves every moment of the pain behind the torture being administered in the film. Either way, the answer to whether or not such treatment for Alex was good or bad for his future, remains unknown except within the minds of each individual having seen the film. For, this is one movie one may want to spend some time analyzing shortly after seeing.

Also, while watching the film, individuals often see other ways in which Karma can work in ones life, based on both the actions Alex takes and the movie overall. Whether such Karma is related to blessings provided or lessons learned, is something each individual must decide for oneself. To this end, for those who believe in Karma, one must walk a very careful path with regards to involvement with others who may or may not also believe in such an ideology in order to remain on the path to enlightenment and avoid paying Karmic debt in the future.

So, as one can learn a great deal about life from the film A Clockwork Orange, it is definitely a film one may want to check out. However, one need be aware of the extreme violence and brutality before taking anyone under the age of seventeen, as this is a film which for its time created a great deal of controversy for many images reflected within the movie. Images which can often include extreme gang rape and bloody violence among other crimes which one may not want their children to see at any younger age, if then. For, while many love this movie, others believe it is a key to starting the wheel of violence and need be banned. Yet, it is a film that has been nominated for four academy awards and has won seven other awards. To this end, regardless of the themes, if one can handle the imagery and violent content of this film, a great deal of entertainment can still come from watching the movie, whether on DVD or on the big screen at a local theatre. However, as the DVD version has been digitally enhanced, the colors and imagery in the film are greatly enhanced over the original. Therefore, given the option, one may want to check out both versions and do a comparison to see which one, one likes the best before buying a copy.

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