A Chinese company has released a “robopsa companion” for $2,700 — 27.5 times cheaper than Spot from Boston Dynamics

It can follow the host and carry water.

The Chinese company Unitree Robotics has been developing four-legged robots for several years and has created the Unitree Go1 robopsa, writes The Verge.
The cost starts at $2,700 — the Spot robot from Boston Dynamics, for example, costs $74,500. The Unitree Go1 handles tasks such as” following the owner while jogging “and”carrying a water bottle”.
According to The Verge, if the Spot robot is used for commercial purposes — for example, testing in police work, then Unitree wants to sell robots for ordinary people — and make them as popular and affordable as smartphones.
Only one version of the psa is available on the Unitree website, but The Verge notes that there are only three of them — Go1 Air for $2,700, Go1 for $3,500, and Go1 Edu for $8,500. Regardless of the model, the robot weighs 12 kg. On the website, you can pre-order the company’s products.
More expensive versions can reach speeds of up to 17 km / h, the newspaper writes. Unitree does not specify the operating time of the psa — but states that it can become an “all-day companion”. According to The Verge, this is an exaggeration — the same Spot has a battery life of up to 90 minutes, after which it needs to be charged.

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