A Chakra Test May Change Your Life!

Chakra Test is a kind of test for the seven centers of energy in the human body and to find out which centers are open, under-active or over-active in receiving and transmitting energies. According to science, these chakras are important nerve ganglia which generate from the spinal chord and are actually points of energy which are placed in a vertical and straight line from the base of the spine upto the crown of the head.

The seven chakras that start from the base of the spine are the base or the root chakra, the ones at sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown of the head. Each of the chakras is named as par their location on the body. The chakras in concept have their roots in the ancient Sanskrit language of Hinduism. The state or condition of a person is reflected by the Chakras. The aspects could be anything like emotion, physiology, physical or spiritual. By the help of a Chakra test, the position and possible comfort level of a person can be judged.

The first point that needs to be noted is that, the chakra test can be in a basic level done by a person himself, by assessing his physical problems if any. He can identify the areas of his body which are not working properly and hence can hold a particular chakra responsible. An example to represent this fact is that, say suppose a person has a heart, thyroid or any digestive ailments, that means the person has to balance his heart, throat and solar plexus charkas respectively.

The second point is that, not only physical problems, but also the analyzing of ones own emotions, like love, or fear, can be defined as a chakra test, e.g. if a person is suffering from insecurity, or the fear of rejection or criticism and is not being able to express himself then he can be sure that his root, heart and solar plexus chakras respectively, needs to e opened up or balanced.

Thirdly, in our digital age or internet boom, online chakra tests are the most fast and easily available instruments. The online chakra tests are usually 50 – 80 question questionnaire similar to a psychometric test asking you about yourself, what you are good at, your fears and the like thereby analyzing which chakras are open, closed, under active or hyper active for you.

The fourth point is that a chakra test can also be undertaken when you are not too sure about yourself. This can be done by giving your close friend or a person who knows you well, a set of questionnaires about yourself.

You can also try out the Kinesiology Test. Stand upright. Stretch your dominant hand straight up on the side. Place your other hand on the seven chakra positions one by one. At the same times try to concentrate. Meanwhile, your partner must try to push down your dominant hand. This should be done at least a seven times for seven chakras. The whole cycle should be repeated twice or thrice. There is a pattern that can be realized. Your partner has definitely found it hard to push down your dominant hand for some chakras while for the others it was easy. In case of the chakras where pushing down the hand was difficult, those chakras are open while the others need to be worked upon.

Thus we see that all the methods of chakra tests gives a good idea about which are well balanced and which are not, and needs to be worked upon. Thus these chakras tests ensure the well being of a human being for a future happy and healthy life.

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