A Canon Camera Has Cutting Edge Technology

Canon 5D Mark II digital camera is the 1st EOS digital SLR camera to have both video capture and still capture. This Canon 5D camera includes all of the latest upgrades as previous models were lacking in some particular critical areas compared to rival’s products.

The body was built to be in a more normal camera style. The sensor resolution has been increased to 10 mega pixels and the camera shoots with a marginally wider angle then before. There are also five more scene modes to selected from rather than ten.

It includes a built in optical image stabilization, 8 megapixel still mode, optical viewfinder, 2.5 inch LCD screen, face detection, 3x optical zoom, and 30 frames per second picture mode to name only a few features. When using a digital digital camera it is possible to store hundreds of images with no changing your memory card. You too can discard bad pictures with out wasting film.

This is unique from the traditional 5- point auto-focusing methodology. Canon also developed the popular multi face detection technology that enables to detect up to 9 faces in its lower end digital cameras and up to 35 faces in its higher end cameras. It is also extended to its video shooting function. The video capturing mode has this feature extended by incorporating ‘face select and tracking’ which enables you to track a face among a crowd.

Thus it aims at providing the best possible image by removing all faults. They have also initiated the anti-noise processing which takes care that no dots or white lines are formed in the image unlike other cameras which remove the noise after the image is taken which might result in distortion of the image.

Canon has emerged as a pioneer in its design, technology, and usability thus becoming a name synonymous to photography. The Canon EOS digital cameras range in features and prices greatly, leaving a choice for everyone. Details in every single image is captured. This camera offers many controls to take photography anywhere you want it to, but automates them so using the camera is a snap.

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