A Corporate Consultant’s Power Is In His Contacts: Take Your Company Public

If you’re seeking the services of a consultant you’re most likely in need of corporate structuring or a strategic company turnaround for a capital raise or to go public. Hiring the right consultant is crucial if you are going to succeed with your venture.

Your consultant should, obviously, have the knowhow and track record for succeeding in fine tuning companies to cater to what industry investors are seeking but they must also possess the contact base to streamline the process so that you don’t lose time to gain that stealthy edge over your competitors who are attempting to do the same thing.

Your consultant should maintain an active database that acts as his ‘special forces’ munitions arsenal of 10,000’s of real, viable contacts in scores of industries so that he can assist you in even the most mundane, minute aspects of your strategy with solid corporate alliances and contacts that will make your venture stand out like a beacon of light in your industry that beams its florescent light in the windows of potential clients, partners, contractors and anyone else that can assist your company in achieving its desired ambitions. Your consultant will structure and categorize parts of your company that you didn’t even know existed yet are crucial to its development.

The reality is that you should have a separate group of strategic partners for every individual product and ever individual service that your company offers. For example, when I consult with companies that have, say, 10 products, my goal would be five to seven strategic partners per product for a range of fifty to seventy strategic partners that my client will work with for co-op advertising and marketing efforts, branding strategies and sales initiatives. Most companies don’t even consider this aspect to their business but it is absolutely vital.

When you find a consultant or corporate strategist that you are ready to hire, after you have thoroughly evaluated them, have an in-depth conversation about their ideas for strategic partners and how they intend on facilitating this process to help you achieve your goals.

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