A Brief History Of Man’s Genius

Ever since the beginning of time humanity has always been consistent in its venture to discover new places and discover new horizons. It probably started with the invention of the wheel. Cars are the product of man’s creative imagination as a result from his intention of making life light and hassle-free for all humanity. Definitely the toys for the big boys, the car or automobile’s purpose was not limited to it being a way of transportation but was also elevated to a collector’s status symbol. Although this hints on man’s voracious character, it also serves as a signal post for his imagination and ingenuity.

The first cars were run by steam, which as it turns out, is the same theory that was actually applied to locomotives. This was pioneered by Nicolas Joseph Cugnot in the year 1769. It was assembled for the military and functioned as a hauler for the French army’s weaponry. It delivers a top speed of 2 mph. However, the use of steam in automobiles did not turn out to be very successful as a result of some issues, namely, steam powered vehicles are quite heavy and continuity in long distance travel was a little bit of a task considering these forms of automobiles need to stop at least every 10 to 15 min to create steam.

Having another big leap in the auto industry was the creation of the electrical powered vehicles. The first electric carriage was devised by Robert Anderson of Scotland somewhere between the years 1832 and 1839. This delivered the production of better electric cars thus, initiated the quest to boost battery storage to operate these machines. Electric powered vehicles have their own benefits and drawbacks. In comparison with current automobiles fueled by gasoline, electric vehicles are very quiet, have minimal vibration, are simple to start and do not require gear maintenance. Nonetheless, they are outrageously expensive. The initial batch of electronic automobiles used highly-priced materials because they were meant for the high end market. The total price of one vehicle alone could increase for as much as US $3,000! And that was in the 1800s. With that amount, you can probably take two of your vehicles to Las Vegas Auto Repair and have their mechanics work on both of the car’s suspension and still have enough cash to have fun with playing poker at the Casino.

Along came Henry Ford who grabbed the opportunity to start the mass production of internal combustion engine vehicles making it readily available to the public in nearly all areas with prices from $500 to $1,000. For the reason that Ford vehicles were more affordable by more than 50%, electronic vehicles basically faded out of circulation and a new era in automobile history was born. From a short period of time internal combustion machines started to be a signature when the word cars or automobiles are being spoken of.

Back in the present day in which global warming and sky rocketing prices of petrol are popular bywords, cost effectiveness and protecting the natural environment grew to be the major determining criteria in automobile production. As a result, companies have concentrated its analysis and development in designing the perfect vehicle that is fuel efficient and earth-friendly. This established a line of car models that include better car mileage and next to zero carbon emission. Known as hybrid cars, they have crafted a new craze in the twenty first century. Their worldwide recognition arises from the technology of seamlessly bringing in gasoline and electricity to power cars. The Toyota Prius is one among these hybrid cars that were ranked by the United States EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) as the most fuel cost-efficient automobile sold in the United States. It was also described as the cleanest vehicles on the market based mostly from smog and toxic emission test.

Together with its dynamic development and the outrageous speed of innovation, you never know what the forthcoming future may have for these steeds of steel? Creative thinking then would be the single limiting factor in the daily journey to design the perfect vehicle. Who knows, maybe at some point, it can make espresso, too.

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