A Backyard Putting Green Is Perfect For A Golf Enthusiast

For the avid golfer, nothing contributes to quick improvement quite like having your own putting green. Imagine being able to practice your short game and focus fully on your style, all in the comfort and convenience of your own backyard.

Of course, a trip to the golf course is a special treat for you; possibly even a weekend ritual. Your personal putting green doesn’t replace being on the links with friends. But as every golfer will tell you, while your long game is important, it’s your short game that aces the shots and carries the day. And going to the course to practice your putting isn’t always convenient.

No wonder so many dedicated golfers are seeking out professional landscaping services to create backyard havens, complete with perfect putting greens. In concert with your landscaper’s time-tested skills, you can design a green that takes advantage of your property’s natural contours and also adapts them to reflect your specific needs. Do bunker shots baffle you? Build in a sandy area, wet or dry. If popping from the rough hurts your score, you might want to create a section of taller grass.

If you also happen to be a gardening enthusiast, you may be interested in taking this on yourself as a special project. Consider, however, the many advantages of collaborating on your private putting green with a professional landscaper. These seasoned pros understands a golfer’s specialized needs – as well as what grass is best for putting greens and will grow well in your area.

One frequently overlooked aspect of putting green design, for instance, is the issue of whether to go with natural grass or artificial turf. If your automatic answer is that you prefer to keep it natural, you might want to think again. The real deal requires constant maintenance and even specialized tools to keep it to regulation quality. Your landscaper can assess your site and your needs, and based on the area of the country, will give you a solid sense of exactly how much upkeep it will require.

Your objective in installing this green is to perfectly mirror the conditions found on a commercial golf course; you are hoping to prevent the appearance of divots, gaps and other irregularities in the landscape. Oftentimes, artificial turf is the easiest way to accomplish this look with little work on the part of the homeowner.

Contour grading and water run-off needs are also important things to consider when discussing options with your landscaper. These complex design aspects are difficult to implement without training and experience in the field. After all, you want landscaping that will instill pride and provide you with a relaxing oasis for many years to come – not to mention one that perfects your short game and, ultimately, brings home the gold from the long game.

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