A Baby Monitor – Great For The Welfare Of Your Child

A baby monitor equipped with a digital camera to show video footage on the receiver is called baby video monitor or digital baby monitor. The digital camera in the baby camera monitor works similar method to web cams, and some others allow the receiver to be plugged into a television.

There are some baby monitors are duplex , using transceivers that allow the caregiver to communicate back to the baby. Some monitors, have a feature allowing music to be played on the transmitter (and thus played to the baby). Such devices sometimes are equipped with video facility also and maybe they are known as baby video and 2 way sound monitor.

Some infant monitors have a vibrating alert on the receiver making it particularly useful for people with hearing difficulties. These monitor packages include two receivers.

However, the most frequent are those that pick up sound only. The more expensive the monitor the more features you will get with it like, temperature monitors that check the baby’s room temperature and will warn you if the room gets too hot or too cold.

Respiration monitors which check the babies breathing. Some have baby alarms that will warn you if your little one is not where they should be. Some monitors will play soft lullaby tunes to help your baby go off to sleep.

There are respiration monitors that will sound an alarm if breathing or movement is not detected and can be very useful for anyone who has a sick baby. Respiration monitors also use pads placed under the infants mattress, that detects movement and breathing.

One of the main reasons for using a baby monitor is when the child is sleeping or playing in a separate room. Some baby monitors have more of a limited range than others, and have trouble transmitting through certain types of walls.

Larger homes on more than one level may require something more sophisticated. In a small home, a simple monitor should be sufficient.

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