Now many people buy from online stores – it’s quick and convenient. In online stores, prices are often lower than in local retail, and there are some products that are not so easy to find. But buying in an online store is often scary: you have to pay now, and the goods will arrive at an unknown date. And will he be sent at all?

We, as the owners of an online store, know the whole inner kitchen well. And we decided to compile for you a list of 8 signs of a good and reliable online store, so that you can buy online without fear. The more of these signs you find at the store where you are going to make purchases, the more reliable and better it is.

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1. The site has contact and registration information of the seller

The first thing to look for on the site is contact information. This is a phone number, e-mail, the name of the legal entity and its details. Legal entity details are such incomprehensible abbreviations as TIN, KPP, PSRN and bank details. You don’t need to understand them – if there is such a page on the site, then that’s good.

Sometimes scammers write the name of LLC or individual entrepreneur, OGRN, and such a company does not exist at all. It is easy to check on the tax website: On this page, you can enter the OGRN or the name of the organization and find out whether such an organization exists or not.

2. Online store managers are open to dialogue
Managers’ openness to dialogue is a good sign. The contact phone number is written large and in a prominent place, there are groups on social networks where you can find profiles of managers and contact them.

It is good if the site has an online consultant – this is a small window where you can chat with a store employee without leaving the site.

The speed of responses to emails also speaks of the managers’ interest in working with you. If the company is serious, then the letters should receive prompt and polite answers. If you do not receive an answer to the letter within a week, then you can think about when the goods will be sent to you, if they cannot answer the letter.

3. The site looks nice and works without serious errors

A website for an online store is its face, office and billboard. If it is made clumsily – this is a reason to think about what is wrong with this store. You don’t buy food at shady shops in slum areas, do you? The site should be beautiful, stable and understandable.

It is also usually worth considering if the entire site consists of one single page that very strongly encourages you to buy right now, without thinking about buying. Often there is a countdown timer, promises of 50% off only in the next three hours, and so on.

There is nothing wrong with promotions with a clear expiration date, but usually the timer should expire and the promotion should end. Visit this site from another browser and you will see that the countdown has started from the beginning. All this should make you suspicious – most likely they are trying to deceive you. In the price, in terms of delivery or in some other nuances – this will become clear already in the process.

4. The phones on the site work, they talk to you politely and clearly
Now is the time to check how the store managers talk to you. Call the phone on the website and ask some simple question. Ask how quickly they will ship the order, how much shipping will cost, or something else. It doesn’t matter that this information is already on the site. It is important for you to hear how you will be answered.

The answers should be simple, straightforward and polite. If the manager is confused, speaks incomprehensibly and tries to end the conversation as soon as possible, this is a minus and speaks of the quality of the service.

5. Reviews
It is worth looking for reviews of the online store. They can be on the site or in groups in social networks – no matter where, somewhere they will definitely be. Good or bad is not that important. Keep in mind that reviews are usually left by dissatisfied customers – if everything is good, then the person is simply too lazy to leave a review.

Tacit approval is okay, and bad reviews can tell you good things about a store, especially if managers respond appropriately.

Sometimes websites publish clearly fake reviews – they are very easy to distinguish from real ones, just think about whether you yourself would have left such a review. If not, the review is most likely fake.

6. Convenient and secure payment methods

A good online store should have pages that clearly describe payment methods and delivery terms. In serious online stores, payment takes place on the website itself or on the website of the payment aggregator (these are the sites that undertake the transfer of money to the seller, from the verified ones are,,

If instead of a convenient payment form you just see Yandex. Money, WebMoney or Qiwi, to which you are offered to transfer money – this means that the owner of the online store simply indicated his personal wallet, and a refund on the order in which case is not guaranteed. Such a payment is not safe and, in principle, does not oblige the seller to anything, because it does not leave an official company, but an individual.

In good online stores, it is usually possible to pay with VISA and Mastercard plastic cards – this is the safest and most convenient payment method for the buyer. In case the online store turns out to be bad, you can easily call the bank and request the cancellation of the transaction, which will force the bank to sort out the situation.

7. Terms of delivery
Find out the terms of delivery of the goods. Firstly, it is worth finding out which transport company will deliver the order to you: it will be Russian Post, EMS or something else. And secondly, where will the parcel be sent to: from Russia or from abroad?

Often, online stores sell goods that they do not have in their hands, but their partners abroad have. In such a store, you buy an item, and then the store partner sends you the item from abroad.

This is called drop shipping. On the one hand, it is convenient, since such stores often have a very large selection and rather low prices. On the other hand, the goods can go to you within 2-3 months, and eventually arrive defective, and the store will not bear any responsibility. You may get your money back, but who will pay for the months of waiting and wasted nerves?

It is better if the goods are in Russia. This usually means that within a week or two, he will be with you, no matter where you are in Russia. In our store, on average, delivery by Russian Post takes one and a half weeks and up to two weeks if it is the Far East.

8. Warranty, offer agreement, agreement on personal data
In good online stores, you can often find information about the warranty for the product. This is not necessary – you are protected by consumer protection law anyway. But it’s good if the online store indicates it.

You can also look for an offer agreement on the terms of which you buy goods in an online store, and an agreement on the processing of personal data. It is unlikely that you will find something interesting there – they are usually typical. But it’s good if the online store puts them out.

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