7 rules for perfect sex that will increase your pleasure

How often women are silent about not feeling discharged, or worse, sex causes them pain and discomfort. Men keep silent about their fantasies, do not share their feelings. The habit of enduring leads to tension in the couple, which translates into quarrels and chilling. Do not bring it to the point of no return – talk about intimate topics, discuss sexual preferences, otherwise you will never understand how to please your partner. A good game: guide the hand of a loved one over your body, show him erogenous points, pressing force, how exactly to caress. After the first “lesson” you will be able to guess the desires of each other.

Establish a trusting contact

You can fully reveal yourself in sex only when you know each other well, feel attention and care. Trust creates an atmosphere of acceptance and security, a man is not afraid to hit his face in the dirt and not live up to expectations, a woman feels more relaxed and relaxed, and this is the main condition on the path to orgasm. In a trusting relationship, we can be ourselves, honestly voice our desires, express emotions in full. When there are no limits and prohibitions, sex becomes free and gives a lot of pleasant sensations.

More practice

It is easy to become the perfect lover, this skill is pumped like cycling. All you need is to learn the rules of operation, learn safety techniques, and then roll and roll. The better you get to know your partner, the more you practice, the more enjoyable the process will be. What required conscious concentration before will be recorded in the subcortex and will no longer cause tension. Although … if you change to a new bike (change partner), you will have to get used to the new seat, learn all the nuances of control. Perhaps this is why quality sex is only possible in a long-term relationship with a regular partner, whose sexual preferences are well known.

Maintain the right atmosphere

Women often complain about the lack of foreplay in sex, they say, she just came home from work, gave children a scolding, stood at the stove – as her husband drew in and dragged her into the bedroom. She did not have time to rest, tune in to a romantic mood, she has no arousal, therefore sex causes rejection and discontent. How to be? Consider that women’s sexuality is different from men’s. If it is enough for a guy to see the protruding nipples or slightly bare thighs of his beloved, she turns on the ignition later, she needs time to swing. Helping a woman is simple – learn to pay attention to her not only before sex, but throughout the day, give compliments, help around the house, take an interest in her thoughts and plans, give her time to rest. Then she will feel needed and loved, she will lose the feeling that she is being used.

Enter experiments

If you are tired of the monotony of sex, the marital bed is driven up and down – it’s time to try something new, go to a sex shop, play role-playing games, learn the technique of erotic massage. If you want something more extreme – like inviting another girl to your bed or swapping partners – think about the consequences. Do not rush yourself and do not put pressure on your partner, act carefully. It is better to test the waters in advance, offer to watch a film on a topic of interest, tell about the experiments of your friends. And then look at the reaction of a loved one, it will be clear from it how to proceed. You can play games for emancipation: write dirty messages to each other, leave letters with sexual fantasies in unexpected places, stimulate libido with nude photos, make home videos.

Hunger is better than satiety

No matter how high-quality sex is, sooner or later it becomes boring, especially if the partner is within walking distance and never refuses. Abundance corrupts, it is impossible to endlessly eat cakes and pastries – the attraction will fall. At some point you will realize that you know everything about each other, you are no longer interested! It’s easy to change – stop having sex. Kisses, touches and hugs are welcome, but you cannot go to the horizontal plane. After a week or two, you will feel hunger, the “forbidden fruit” will again become desirable – and everything will return to normal. Just learn to pause and keep intrigue, abstinence is a good thing.

Get ready for change

Sexuality can change in both you and your partner over the course of your life. There is no need to react to this with violent quarrels and tantrums, just continue to study the tastes and preferences of each other, do not stop in self-knowledge. Naturally, problems can arise in sex – we are all living people who are influenced by emotions and the outside world. Sexual pleasure is affected by difficult childbirth, failures at work, chronic illness, stress, depression, and excess weight. Do not withdraw into yourself, try to discuss everything with your partner or a specialist in this field. The sooner you tackle the problem, the easier it will be to fix it.

Remember, each pair has its own unique relationship, you don’t need to look up to anyone. Be honest with each other, do not be afraid to speak openly about your desires, improvise, leave a little feeling of hunger – and sex will never be a problem for you.

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