7 Easy Steps To Ramp Up Your Car

It is essential for any motorist to carry emergency tools in his automobile just like jump cables. This will surely come in handy if you find yourself suddenly stuck in the center of the highway or parking lot having a dead battery. This generally happens when you have forgotten to turn off the lights of your automobile, resulting in your battery to drain. If you find yourself in this scenario all you will need is a jump cable and a kind-hearted Samaritan to assist you.

Whenever you have these two factors working to your advantage, you should be prepared to ramp up your car by plugging the jump cables to the car battery of your new-found buddy. It is highly recommended if your jump cables are not less than 10 feet long. Having the added bandwidth will make it a lot easier to attach the cables to both vehicles. There are a few things that you must take a look at prior to when you jump start your vehicle. Initially, just before you do anything else, be sure the batteries are not frozen. This is very crucial mainly because initiating a frozen battery can cause an explosion.

Second, give the battery terminals a quick check. If there are blue or green molds surrounding it, you must clear it first by using a wire brush. For the meantime, just do away with the molds and come up with a mental note to replace your batteries ASAP. Seeing molds in your vehicle’s batteries is much like keeping stale bread in your refrigerator-it must be thrown and replaced. You should also determine if there are cracks throughout the battery casing. If you find any signs of tear, there is no need to be a mechanic simply because the batteries are damaged; might as well call up any of the Portland auto repair shops to have a an alternative one delivered.

If nothing of these three scenarios are found, then you are in better chances of jump starting your battery. Test the batteries again for you to observe the positive and negative terminals. In attaching the jump cables, the basic rule is to check out the polarity of the terminals. Because of this the positive charge must be connected to another positive charge and the negative charge should be associated with the metal area of the car. The positive terminal is labeled with a plus ( ) sign. It is in most cases covered and have numerous wires attached to it. The negative terminal is often uncovered and only comes with one black cable attached to it.

The engine ignitions of both of those vehicles must be turned off before the jump cables are attached to the batteries. The jump cable needs to be clipped first to the positive terminal of the drained battery. The other end of that cable has to be connected to the positive terminal of the ‘active’ battery. As soon as this has been done, grab the second cable line and connect to the negative terminal of the latter. The opposite end of that cable has to be then connected to the metal ground or engine block of the dead battery. This is not the negative terminal of that battery. The ‘ground’ needs to be any metal surface. Keep in mind not to smoke while doing this.

Once the cords have been connected, start up the ignition of the automobile with the good battery. Give it approximately five minutes then start the vehicle with the dead batteries. If the car does not start give it a few seconds before making an attempt again. If the car still does not start up, then it often never will and you may just have to speak to the tow company and buy new batteries. Generally this process should do just fine to quick start your automobile. While keeping both vehicles running, remove the jump cables in reverse order. You should start with the grounded metal after which the negative terminal. Following this you can now do away with the cables joined to the positive terminal of the ‘charged’ vehicle after which on to the positive terminal of the ‘drained’ vehicle.

Make sure that you appreciate the individual who assisted you in jump starting your automobile. Social graces would dictate that you invite the person for coffee to return the favor. He will most likely decline the offer yet it would definitely be valued.

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