7 Deadly Relationship Sins And Why Cheating Isn’t At The Top

Cheating is definitely not the main reason why relationships fail. It is just the tip of the iceberg. What lies behind could be much more knotty. There are 7 more killer sins that can destroy even the happiest couples. And if you are careful to observe them these are not ordinary mistakes but character flaws. Act now when you notice one or two in your relationship before a room for cheating is made.

1) Lack of warmth. A relationship is said to be fulfilling if it is based upon mutual respect and love. If there is no intimacy or no respect, conflicts and problems might arise. Lack of warmth may happen after both of you are pretty busy with work or family life. It is a slow process that can slowly kill a relationship. Not having the effort to maintain the relationship will make your spouse feel you are taking him/her for granted.

2) Lost interest in sex. Living in a demanding world can create gap between couples. Working 8 hours a day plus the chores at home and the children can leave no room for personal time for couples. Sex is a wonderful gift made to be shared by married people. It has a powerful binding power that not only relieves stress but also allows you to connect more intimately and passionately with your spouse.

3) No Outlook. Having a sense of direction makes commitment even stronger between the couple. Planning for the future gives then something to anticipate for tomorrow and in its due course will give impression that two is better than one in facing tomorrow.

4) Losing Communication. It functions like a silent killer. Relationships that have been going on for years now suffer from this communication cancer. Years of being together may mean nothing to talk about anymore but try to get a new hobby and this new interest will surely give you something to talk about.

5) Lack of loyalty. When you decided to take your bows, along comes with the package is 100% loyalty. Trust is something that should not be rejected in the relationship.

6) Poor communication. Being unable to properly relate what is going on is another relationship killer. Women may be from Venus and men from Mars when it comes to communication but your relationship is going to need to move beyond the gender barrier to some degree. You need to either find an impartial translator (like a marriage/relationship counselor) or you need to start learning the language of the other person in your relationship.

7) Being secretive. This is the guilty party in the relationship. Breeding secrets in the relationship can surely kill any relationship. It could also be a breeding ground for cheating. Unless there is open communication, its growth can surely be controlled.

Cheating isn’t at the top of the list because it is often a symptom of other problems and not the sin itself.

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