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6VIA is a new affiliate network platform that allows a user to plugin unlimited products, service providers and opportunities for generating online income. 6VIA is actually a feeder program for another service that can be found at Together these two associated products form an income generating opportunity based around reselling other peoples products and services.

The program is free to join and is setup like a powerline system. Everybody that you get to join after you will be a part of your immediate team, but only if you upgrade before the deadline set to every week on Wednesday. The people who join the 6VIA website after you will remain in your personal team forever as long as you upgrade before Wednesday night. Up to 10 levels deep of payment can be generated by the 6VIA program. The system offers a high level of multi-layered earning possibility.

6VIA has what they call an ‘Auto Team Building System’. This system is simply a fear of lose recruiting system that will place people below you after you join as long as you upgrade within the time allowed. There is no money in the 6VIA system on its own and you will need to upgrade to really participate in the full income possibilities.

When you join the 6VIA network and then upgrade by purchasing a membership with DeSoho you will have a website portal that has thousands of products already built in. The income and product sources are things like Google Ad sense, click bank, 6VIA and others and also allow the user to add their own. This web portal can be hosted on your own domain so at least you can brand the website name and look a little more professional.

Essentially you are getting a website that has a whole bunch of affiliate based products linked to it. It’s like a shopping mall of sorts but all you are selling are affiliate based products from places like clickbank. The main problem 6VIA reps will have will be the marketing and recruiting of new team members. Although you will have access to the automated team builder program this will do very little on its own especially if your goal is to make significant income within 6VIA and its associated programs. Learning how to market your business and yourself online will be the determining factor on what level of success you reach.

Having a capture page that is different then everyones else’s replicated system is the only way that you will stand out and attract customers to your business opportunity. As a 6VIA rep you will need to brand yourself as a professional marketer so that people will feel that you have something of value to share with them. This is how the top income earners have been recruiting so many people month in and month out.

Fortunately, the money required to start and upgrade as a 6VIA distributer is $20, which is among the lowest fees for such programs. But, along with the money, you must have exceptional marketing skills if you want to make it to the top. Simply advertising on any of the thousands of replica web-sites would not do. You need to be a bit different and get people to look and respond to your advertising.

The reason most companies in the field of Internet Marketing home business fail is not having done enough groundwork. You must know exactly what are your clients looking for. You must be prepared for changing your business plans and strategies at any given moment according to your competitors. The success rate in this business is undoubtedly on the lower side, but that, more often than not, is a result of poor planning. If you have a solid marketing plan in plce and prepared to slog it out till achieve your goal, there is no way you can’t get rich with 6VIA.

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