6 Ways To Increase The Effectiveness Of Your Carbohydrate Intake

Without carbohydrates life is very painful. And even more painful if you exercise. For the most part, you should never take carbs out of your diet.

Now the biggest issue here is that many fitness hopefuls are clueless when it comes down to the fine print of proper carbohydrate intake.

Thus, here is how to make carbohydrates your best friend:

1. Don’t go too low: If you go really low with your intake, you will start to burn through excess muscle tissue for energy. Even worse, your mental performance will suffer. You see, carbs are the preferred source of fuel for your brain.

2. Have a shake right after your last exercise: Time is of the essence here. And bear in mind that you don’t have to have a supplement here, you can make your own natural shake with blended oats, for instance. Just make sure you are getting some form of liquid carbohydrate into your system.

3. Don’t overdo your consumption of whole grains: Many people have fallen under the impression that whole grains are super healthy. Well, the reality is that you should only have whole grains during times of intense physical activity.

4. Avoid bingeing on fruit: Fruit is another area of confusion for many people. You see, massive quantities of fruit are not healthy for you. Instead, focus the bulk of your fruit intake during breakfast and before training. During these time periods your body will benefit the most from fruit.

5. Combine your starchy carbs with vegetables: Vegetables are a very powerful tool for increasing energy while simultaneously slowing down digestion. So try to combine your starchy carbs with vegetables as much as possible.

6. Don’t eat carbohydrates right before bed: You can have a small amount here, but don’t have a full serving. You see, high levels of blood sugar before bed can potentially reduce the amount of growth hormone your body secretes.

Most people are not managing their intake of carbohydrates properly. So make sure you take action here sooner rather than later!

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