6 Techniques For Taking Your Fat Loss Workouts To The Next Level

Intensity is king when it comes to changing the way your body looks. You see, intense exercise is the only thing that will profoundly change the way your body looks.

The main issue here, however, is that many hopefuls simply do not know what techniques are useful for increasing exercise intensity.

So here is how to make your workouts more intense so you can burn more fat:

1. Rest: Ironically, resting more can get you faster results. This happens because an increase in rest can drastically increase how hard you can exercise. And recall that a single bout of intense exercise can increase caloric burn for days on end.

2. Slowly constrict rest periods: This is not easy to do when you are exercising. However, it will make your workouts shorter and more effective. You see, as rest decreases the demands on your metabolism increase. This in turn will have you burning a higher amount of calories outside your workout.

3. Begin combining exercises: Fitness professionals call this super setting. In essence, you complete a series of exercises without any rest in between. This will not only allow you to activate more muscle mass, but it will also allow you to increase post-workout caloric burn.

4. Lift heavy weights: As long as your form is precise, there is no reason for you not to lift heavy weights. In fact, in the absence of heavy weight lifting it will be very hard for you to reach your potential. So if you aren’t used to lifting heavy, begin slowly and progress upwards.

5. Eat before working out: Now the key here is to have a very small meal with slow digesting carbohydrates. Doing this will prevent you from hitting a wall and will help you exercise harder for longer. And you may have to experiment a little here to figure out what works best for you.

6. Bring your own mp3 player: Do not expect your gym to play the music you like. Instead, take matters into your own hands and bring your own music. This will help you exercise with a higher level of intensity as proven by research.

Making your workouts more intense is a great way to burn more fat. You see, as the intensity of your training increases so does the amount of calories you burn.

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