6 Elliptical Trainer Buying Criteria

The elliptical trainer may be one of the best fitness equipment items you can buy. Why? Because it works out your entire body and is low impact.

Having fitness equipment in your home is so convenient – that it’s worth getting even if you have a gym membership. You can use an elliptical whenever it suits you and you don’t have to get off for anyone waiting (unless your family and friends are line up).

What should you look for when buying an elliptical trainer?

1. How much have you budgeted? With fitness equipment, the adage you get what you pay for is true. Spend at the very least $500, but $1,000 is better.

2. If you’re tall (6 feet or taller), get a longer stride such as 20 inches or more. If more than one person is using it, get an elliptical that you can change the stride length (i.e. adjustable stride).

3. You’ll need to decide on a rear-drive or front-drive elliptical. Generally a front-drive offers better foot placement, while a rear-drive provides a smoother stride.

4. You want an elliptical so you can work out your upper body. Not all ellipticals have moveable handles. Don’t assume they all do. Be aware of this.

5. If you want to lose weight, then you’ll want to do weight loss programs. This means you need a heart rate monitoring system.

6. Depending on how capable you are with tools, you may want to check if your elliptical retailer offers an assembly service. Many do, but it costs extra.

Other considerations include planning where you’ll place your elliptical, ensuring your ceiling is high enough, getting a fitness equipment mat placed under it to protect your floors, and look carefully at the heart rate monitor that comes with any elliptical trainer you’re looking at buying.

There is no doubt in my mind that ellipticals are an outstanding fitness machine for any workout regimen – regardless your workout goal.

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