6 Arm-Toning Mistakes You Are Probably Making

No woman should have to endure having flabby and jiggly arms. After all, if your arms are too flabby your clothing selection will be extremely restricted.

The bad news here is that many women are clueless when it comes to toning up their arms.

So here are some common mistakes women make then trying to tone their arms:

1. Neglecting the front part of your arms: Yes, the majority of loose fat hangs from the triceps, but if you want the best results you have to tone the entire arm area. So make sure your exercise program isn’t too tricep heavy.

2. Relying on cardio too much: Cardio should be seen as a fat loss aide, not as the focus of your fat loss plan. Of all the different exercise modalities, cardio is the least effective in terms of fat loss. You main focus has to be on weight lifting for best results here.

3. Not eating massive amounts of roughage: Roughage is the most powerful type of food you can eat to accelerate your results. Not only does it give you energy, but it also keeps your blood sugar very low after a meal. And lower blood sugar translates into faster fat loss.

4. Not toning the long head: The long head of your triceps is the area where arm fat resides. So make sure you have some exercises that directly target this muscle. If you don’t and only focus on whole body movements, you will get subpar results.

5. Eating too much fruit: Fruit is optional when you are trying to maximize fat loss. You see, fruit has sugar and it up-regulates triglyceride and bad cholesterol production in your liver. So if you have to have fruit make sure the bulk of you intake is in the morning.

6. Focusing on supplements as a core element: Supplements will never be able to rival natural food. In fact, your body has evolved over hundreds of thousands of years to digest natural food. So always give priority to natural food, not supplements.

Saggy arms can be a huge blow to your sense of self. So make sure you take action here today so that you can get results by tomorrow!

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