5 Ways To Increase Website Traffic For Your Chiropractic Business

As a chiropractor, I know that you would not only want your practice to be to be efficient. That’s your career goal in terms of individual self fulfillment. Other than that, of course, you would want to be financially successful as well. Business wise, you need to profit as possibly as you can. Nowadays, online marketing tools have made life easier for businesses when it comes to marketing. For medical practitioners, online marketing is making waves too. So, if you already have a website in place, that’s a good start. What you need now is to have it optimized in order to drive more traffic to it.

The question is, are you driving much traffic to your website? Do you get a lot of site visits?

If your expectations aren’t met in terms of number, then you might want to consider these 5 Ways To Increase Website Traffic For Your Chiropractic Business below.

1. Advertise using Google Adwords and Yahoo Overture. These are paid online advertisements that you can use. If your goal is to build visibility on search engines quickly, then you might want to consider using google adwords. But if your goal is to build INSTANT visibility on search engines, Yahoo overture is an excellent option to explore, putting you in the top results of many major search engines within a short period of time. This would cost you money but in return, can give you absolute great results.

2. Create reciprocal links or Mutual links. If you have more than one website or you would want to link your site to another site that’s related to yours, you can do this. Reciprocal link is basically a mutual link between two websites to ensure mutual traffic. Google actually prefers one way link building but you can also do this. Just be sure that you do it accordingly and not overdo it.

3. Make use of viral marketing. Viral marketing are marketing techniques that use existing social networks to increase brand or business awareness online. This can be in the forms of videos, ebooks, images, email etc. It’s like delivering a spontaneous chain of awareness more like word-of-mouth but in an online setting.

4. Make some keyword research for your website. You don’t just choose the keywords you want but you have to do some research. Your keyword research should be about the most searched keyword for this niche, the most number of keyword searches that lead to your website. After having the keywords, create articles, fresh and unique articles. Make your title a link bait one in order to draw your visitors to read more about your article. Don’t forget to leave your links inside the article for a backlink.

5. Joining Forums, comment posting and bookmarking. This can be time consuming but a good way to drive more traffic to your website. You can register to forums and create backlinks in your signature boxes or bio boxes. Usually on your member profile. You can do html or bbc code formatting whichever they allow. Then you can leave comments on blogs too. You can even do it yourself just when you start to manually bookmark some of your urls. Bookmarking sites allow you to put some comments so you can do that. Also, one important thing that you should be including on your website’s contact page, is an opt in box. Most people would want to ask some questions and they would leave some together their email for you to get back. Have an opt in for newsletters to in case that are interested to subscribe.

Chiropractic marketing is not impossible as long as you know your goals and you have the guts to achieve them.

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