There are many books available that outline hundreds of baby essentials that you will need throughout the life of your baby. Doting parents could walk into any store that sells baby supplies and literally never run out of things to buy if budget, or common-sense weren’t of concern. See the list below for 5 baby essentials you will definitely need.

1.Bathing and skincare products: Try to stick with “no tears” baby shampoos for both washing baby’s hair and skin. Their skin is very sensitive to both cleansing soaps and perfumes/colognes. Vaseline for moisture and a zinc oxide ointment cream for diaper rashes will round out skincare for your baby.

2.Mobiles: This is one of a few baby essentials you will learn you cannot live without. They soothe your baby while they’re going to sleep and have colorful symbols and sounds that help in your infant’s development.

3.Baby Bath: Your back will ultimately thank you for this one. Having the ability to bath your child on a table or counter without bending over a tub is an energy saver. Also you will have more control over your baby’s head and body when you’re not crouched over a tub.

4.Baby Journal: This is one of the most thoughtful sacrifices you can make for your child. Though it will take some time to write down (written journal), or record (video journal), your child will really appreciate their precious moments.

5.Car Seat: Arguably one of the most important baby essentials for parents who drive. Don’t dare go for the cheap option with a car seat, get one with an impeccable safety rating and ask a trained representative at the store you buy it at to show you how to install it properly. Many states (US) and provinces (CA) carry stiff fines for parents who have improperly installed car seats and police officers are well trained on what to look for.

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