5 Quick Guides To Pump Up Your Squidoo Lens

Right now, 5 might just be your most fortunate number to help people track down your lens and achieve that highly sought social media popularity. The list is limited to just 5 only because I think these are the most fundamental tips to improve your website and convince consumers to think about whatever business alternatives that you are offering.

Squidoo is another mode of social media that allow its users to develop pages according to their subject of interest. The pages developed on Squidoo are more commonly known as lenses. Lens is viewed as a filtering mechanism that enables people to see whatever unique topic they need. Essentially, it is almost the same as blogposts except for the fact that it has the ability to let content producers to earn more revenue via referral links.

Now that you are abreast of the common benefit of working with Squidoo, let us now get ahead to listing down the options needed to help viewers find your Squidoo Lens.

Choice 1: Sustain strong dominance in Squid Forums and add link to your signature. On Squidoo, search the SquidU Forums section and click on Join the discussion. Type your login details to take part in the discussions. This is technically your first step to identifying who says what and staying connected with the consumers. Here you may also place link to your website. To develop link, simply copy and edit the following link carefully:

[url=http://www.squidoo.com/lensname]Lens title[/url]

Option 2: Create links to your best lens in all social media networks where you are a member of. Whether it is your email signature, pages, social network accounts, blog, and even shout outs in some of the social network website, it is an advantage to put links to lead viewers into your most excellent lens. Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon and Digg are a couple of the most popular social networking websites that you can absolutely use to promote your lens.

Please note, however, that you should definitely not overdo your link creation. Overdoing site promotions might have some drawback such as you getting banned in those social networking websites.

Option 3: Always consider Lensroll and Squoogle. Put a little more time in submitting your lens to Lensroll and Squoogle. This will help your Squidoo lens increase its chances of being searched and reaching its niche.

Choice 4: Share your Opinions. Share smart and thought provoking (in a positive perspective) comments on other lenses specifically the more famous ones. Individuals who are into these sites will follow you via your links and read more from your Squidoo lens when you have caught their attention from those comments that you posted. In order to capture your end-users, you ought to focus more on posting comments in pages associated with your lens.

Choice 5: Look for the winners. One can always observe on the Squidoo lens of the day to find out some points that made them top players. In case you wish to learn to make it to the A-list, then might as well study from the best. Additionally, you could try to connect with these winners by imploring the options mentioned above.

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