5 Favorite Natural Haemorrhoid Treatment Solutions

If there’s one condition that can actually put a damper on your enjoyment of life, it’s hemorrhoids and, for those of us that have them, a hemorrhoid treatment that’s fast and natural could be a real blessing.

This uncomfortable problem involves the swelling of the veins of the rectum and anal sphincter. Similar to what occurs in varicose veins, these veins can become overloaded with blood and that leads the walls to stretch.. The result’s bleeding, discomfort, itching and burning.

Natural cures might help you get rid of this issue and have the additional benefit of also addressing the cause and making your veins more healthy, so reducing further flare ups.

Herbal drugs are effective for treating symptoms of hemorrhoids, however you should also take steps to treat the conditions cause. Some causes include dehydration, standing or sitting for long periods, straining for bowel movements, hard stools, obesity, lack of exercise and dehydration. Since the main cause of hemorrhoids is straining during stool movements and constipation, you should be sure you eat a large amount of fruits and vegetables in order to get enough diet fiber to avoid both.

Herbs For hemorrhoid Treatment :

Aloe Vera

The aloe vera plant has for some time been famous for it’s medicinal capabilities in soothing anything from sunburns to .. Well .. hemorrhoids! Use the pulp directly on the racked area.

Witch Hazel

Helps to control swelling as well as bleeding. You can put it right on the area – it can be discovered as a cream or liquid. It should be applied 3 times daily until symptoms disappear.


One great herb for treating hemorrhoids, whose name basically implies it’s use, is pilewort. It tonifies the blood vessels and stops bleeding. Pilewort could be taken internally as an alcohol based tincture or perhaps a tea and it could also be applied externally as an ointment.

Planning to eat healthy foods that have lots of dietary fiber as well as having a healthy natural haemorrhoid treatment plan can help to decrease further situations and improve your general fitness. Adopting a lifestyle that includes a lot of fruit and veg as well as masses of exercise will do your full body well!

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