5 elements of perfect email marketing

Perfect email marketing solves two problems: it benefits the customer and therefore makes them loyal, and increases sales to the business while remaining flexible in management.

We tell you about 5 elements that make up the perfect email marketing. Single segmented database

The customer base is the foundation of an email marketing campaign. It should be:

1. Legal.

Collect contacts during customer registration on the website or in the mobile app. Use a special form and pop-up windows (Pop Up). The user must agree to receive the newsletter so that the emails do not go to spam. Implement two-step subscription confirmation (Double Opt-In) to immediately filter out invalid addresses.

2. Unified.

Work with a single address book to get a holistic view of the dynamics, activity, and engagement of your audience.

3. Segmented.

Split the database into groups to send relevant emails. you can segment your audience by gender, age, time zone, and other criteria. The client data platform will help you combine all the information into a single profile (CRM)

Automated mailing list

To get emails to the right people at the right time, run automated mailings based on your company’s communication history.

For example, the customer gave his address-you need a welcome letter with a promo code, left the goods unpaid-a newsletter with a reminder, the subscriber’s birthday-congratulations, and a discount-a gift. Such a distribution is called a trigger

The CDP system helps you track all events on the site: it records information about the client in his profile.

Automation of mailing lists increases sales, but does not take much time from the marketer: it is enough to set it up once, and does not cause irritation to the subscriber – he receives gifts and up-to-date reminders.

Personalized emails

Personalized mailings increase customer loyalty: they are opened 26% more often than mass mailings. But it is not enough to address by name: in order for the letter to catch on, you need to take into account the real interests of the subscriber. For a young mother – a mailing list with a selection of products for newborns, not new items for the school office, a letter to a fishing fan with an article about winter fishing, not about hunting wild boar.

The most convenient way to set up personalization is with CRM. The system allows you to insert any data in emails, for example, products that may be of interest.

Using split tests

One of the most affordable ways to improve your mailing list is to test hypotheses using split tests. They work like this: different versions of the message are sent to several parts of the database. after a while, statistics are collected, and the most effective one is determined by it – all other subscribers will receive it. This allows you to implement only those changes in the newsletter that will increase the performance and loyalty of the audience and not vice versa.

With the help of split tests, you can determine the best wording of the subject or template of the letter, the optimal time to send it, and much more.

Detailed statistics and analytics

To make mailing lists more effective, you need to analyze the data of email campaigns.


5 tools that we have described make email marketing perfect. With them, the mailing list takes into account the real interests and needs of the client: he sees the care of himself and becomes more loyal. At the same time, the business does not spend a lot of resources and can quickly adjust the strategy if necessary.

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