Are you someone who would be interested in a home located in Scottsdale, Arizona? There is some important information you should know if you are.

One thing you should know is that Scottsdale is in the top ten national markets for prime luxury home sales, being at $594 million in luxury home sales in the year of 2005. These statistic need not concern you, though, as there are many other styles of houses for you to consider, possibly more within your price range.

Southern Scottsdale is the first area of choice. This area could be perfect of you crave the nightlife and love Scottsdale’s art scene. Perhaps its close proximity to Arizona State University’s latest research center, the SkySong (a joint venture from local businesses, Arizona State, and even some major businesses spanning the globe) brings in new home buyers. The Southern Scottsdale area has a median resale value of $291,000 which is much more moderately priced when you consider that North Scottsdale has a median resale price of $667,450.

The Downtown or Old Town Scottsdale is the next area of interest. For those of you who wish to be located where all the activities and action are, Downtown Scottsdale is the idea location. Downtown has a variety of bars, restaurants, nightclubs and art galleries that are popular with the downtown residents. Including the luxury Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall, which is among the twenty biggest malls in all of the United States, this is the primary cultural district of Scottsdale.

Central Scottsdale is yet another region. One of the most popular and coveted places to live in this area is the Shea Corridor, extending from Chaparral Road north to Shea Boulevard. The homes in this area were generally built during the 1970’s, and the neighborhoods look like something out of a movie. The truth is that a variety of movies and television programs have selected this neighborhood to film scenes in, since the neighborhoods here prove to be so quaint.

North Scottsdale is the last area that we will consider. If you’re looking for a high-end property, this is the area of Scottsdale for you. With a great number of them worth in excess of $5 million, this part of Scottsdale has many of the most costly houses in the United States. Due to the growth of the Scottsdale Airpark that is located in this region, there has been a residential boom there despite the high prices of the homes.

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