4 Essential Ways To Create Instant Affiliate Commissions

One of the best ways to start an online business and make quick profits is through Affiliate Marketing. With no product to create, no customer problems to handle, once can focus one’s energies simply on developing an online presence. Once you have your affiliate products chosen, the obvious goal of all affiliate marketers is to make commissions and, as more and more products hit the online market almost on a daily basis, it is crucial to follow these steps :-

1 Do your research thoroughly before choosing an affiliate program to promote. Obviously, you only want to promote products which will give you maximum payback in the shortest timespan. When considering affiliate programs, check the commission structure to ensure decent recompense for your efforts and look for programs that are already selling well and which match your target audience. You will know within a short space of time if the affiliate program you have chosen isn’t living up to your expectations… if this is the case,reconsider it’s worth to you and choose another one. As you will probably choose a program that is also being promoted by a number of other affiliates, you need to establish your USP -“Unique Selling Position” so as to set yourself above “the crowd”. Write a report, preferably containing useful information and recommendations about the product , and give it away, free, as an incentive to your prospects. This not only increases your credibility but also gives you extra kudos when they decide just who they are going to buy the product from. If you give your prospects just enough information to instill a need for the product, they will certainly feel you have given them value.

2. Another essential affiliate marketing strategy is to collect names and email addresses before allowing access to the free stuff. It is widely accepted that very few prospects actually go ahead and complete a purchase on their first introduction to a product. This is where the services of a good autoresponder becomes essential- you can create a whole series of follow-up emails and/or newsletters to send to the people who signed-up for further information so as to encourage them to purchase your product. It has been shown that, sometimes, anywhere between six and ten messages are required to clinch the deal. So, by automating this process, and capitalizing on the free giveaway, you can ensure that the prospect remains on your list until such time as they unsubscribe. By continually giving value within your messages, the likelihood of your prospects unsubscribing can be much-reduced. This, naturally, means that you can continue to send them valuable information about other products you may be promoting even after they’ve purchased the original item. If you publish an eZine, you will be in a perfect position to send even more valuable information to these prospects who will come to value you as a mine of information and useful recommendations. You will establish a bond of trust with these people and form a relationship which can continue for many years to come.

3 Efficient, cost-effective advertising strategies are essential to affiliate marketing success. ‘Pay Per Click’ campaigns with Google Adwords and Overture certainly will figure in your marketing plan but, unless you choose your keywords carefully, they may well end up blowing your budget completely out of the water. It is undoubtedly worth checking out smaller players in the PPC field… ExcelSeek, LookQuick and JumpFind immediately spring to mind- they offer cheaper rates albeit to a smaller audience, but don’t let this put you off. eZine top sponsor ads and Solo Ads can give you a surprisingly swift and hefty return on your advertising bucks since they are aimed at a targeted, responsive audience. Always make sure you can track your ad campaign results so that you will instantly know what’s working and, therefore, worth sticking with, and those which are not and therefore should be paused or amended.

4.Be bold and negotiate with a seller whose goods you are willing to promote. Always remember that sellers require affiliates in order to market and sell their products and are usually more inclined to changing a commission structure than lose potential business if they can see you as a healthy income source. Maintain an attitude of fairness rather than outright greed and you may be surprised to find yourself with a larger slice of the pie and a great deal more respect than you had before.

Using these techniques will bring you an immediate increase in your affiliate commissions. Build on your successes and expansion and growth will follow

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