3 Gift Giving Situations Where Gift Cards Help You Shine

Every time you give a gift, you want it to be the perfect one. But, in spite of your best intentions, sometimes it can be hard to select the right gift. Following are three occasions must of us encounter at some point in our lives in which gift cards can help us shine.
The New Romantic Interest: Have you ever had a mate that you met at the “wrong” time, eg, right before their birthday or right around the holidays or right around Valentine’s Day?
Wrong is in quotation marks because these are occasions that call for a gift, but you may not know enough about them to select the right thing. After all, what if she’s allergic to sterling silver, or his last girlfriend bought him that very same cashmere sweater? Yikes!
This is an occasion where gift cards definitely save the day.
Pleasing the New In-laws: Even though you and your mate have been together for a few years, this is the first year you’re giving a gift as the new daughter-in-law or son-in-law. And, as it’s for your mother-in-law’s birthday, you want it to be right.
So while you can cop out and add your name to the card of your husband/wife’s gift, this will never do. You brave the stores, trying to come up with just the right thing to impress your new mother-in-law. But, nothing seems quite right.
Then you remember that she enjoys working with her hands and recently took a home improvement class at Home Depot. That’s it! Home Depot gift cards. Not only will it show that you admire her hobby, but that you are intuitive enough to know that she’d appreciate a gift that highlights her interest.
Buying for Co-Workers: You had a name drawing in the office for secret Santa. And, you got the new guy. You know nothing about him other than he’s an excellent worker who tends to stick to himself. Is it because he’s shy, or because he’s standoffish? You haven’t quite decided. So, how are you supposed to select the perfect gift – and for $25 or less?
No worries, gift cards to multi-purpose retailers save the day. Walmart gift cards, Overstock dot com gift cards and Amazon gift cards allow recipients to select from among thousands of items.
The means the perfect gift is just waiting to be chosen – by him – with his gift card from you!

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