3 Effective Methods To Selling Your Home

If You Want to Sell Your Home Plan Ahead

The last thing you want to do when marketing your home is to conform with the rest of the competition. You need to provide enticements to the buyer that will turn their head.

Where Do Buyers Start Their Home Search?

If your home is not on the internet it ain’t anywhere. The newspaper ads, magazines and flyers are the least used source for seeking homes for sale. Get involved in marketing your internet sales page. It is your home and you know why someone should live here. Don’t let your home fall in the typical vanilla sales description. Add video to your home landing page so the buyer can get a good idea of the beauty of your home. See Gainesville Realty for a video example. After this initial action, they will likely contact the realtor who represents the property or do a drive by to see if they like the property.

So step #1 is getting your property on the internet. Step 2 kicks in when you have been told that potential buyers are planning to visit your home. By this time you or your agent should have already prepared a brochure about the advantages of living in your home and in your neighborhood. Stress the main topics that will interest the profile of the home buyer. Know what issues the home buyer needs to be aware of that will be of concern to them and how your house benefits them. Are you in a neighborhood where young people are moving in and the older residents are leaving? Many sellers let the potential buyers walk thru the home and not provide them with pertinent information. For example, if you have a home that is energy efficient then you should sell this feature. How? Give them your last 3 months utility bills and get relative data of other neighbor’s bills for saving comparison. You have to know what benefits are there in your home and your neighborhood that will make a person want to live there. Is there something really outstanding going to happen in the area or neighborhood? Take an active interest in bringing out these benefits to your home marketing representative. It is time to blow your horn.

Enticements – Ouch!

Even after the internet and your advantages to living in my neighborhhood presentations, you may still have to roll out step#3- Buyer Incentives. These can include contributions toward the buyer’s closing costs, paying the buyer’s Homeowner’s Association Fees for a year or provide the buyer with a 1 year home warranty plan for repairing or replacing the major appliances in the home. The real estate market is full of unsold homes and some are offered at large discounts due to a bank short sale or foreclosure. It can be tough to compete against this situation. You really need to show the buyer that they are getting real value in your property and their investment will pay off in the long run not only in money but in safety and happiness. You should not try to justify the occasional distressed sale that occurs due to unfortunate circumstances. What is important is that your property and the price you are asking are based on comparable home sales and amenities. That should do it right? Maybe yes and maybe no. It is not a seller’s market presently and therefore you must have a few incentive options planned and be ready to entice the homebuyer if necessary to close the deal. Try to think that when it is time to sell your next home it will be a seller’s market. Maybe that will help.

I Need to Repair Items in my Home Before Marketing With a Limited Budget

Due to the excessive amount of homes for sale you want yours to be issue free. So if you are aware of house issues that require repair or replacement, do it! If a potential buyer senses that the house has too many repair requirements then he/she might be scared and just move on to the next property. The best and least costly items to repair that will aid in the home sale are: According to a report from Cost Value of 2009-2010:

Reorganize your kitchen cabinets Replace any broken tiles and add tile to a kitchen area and/or bathroom for enhancement. Adding a breakfast bar to split the kitchen from the family room appears larger Use granite tiles over slab areas in the basement Modernize the bathroom fixtures and install new doors for your shower You can add a room by building a half or full wall in a large enclosed space -Spruce up cabinet fronts -Replace light fixtures Adding a remote touch pad entry system to your garage will replace the garage door opener If you have enjoyed this article, you can get more information on Gainesville Fl Homes for Sale.

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